Monday, January 3, 2011

Year in Review

2010 was a  big year for the husband and I.  We purchased our first home, renovated our 1950's era kitchen completely,  took an amazing 3 week trip backpacking through Europe, attended weddings of close friends in MA and actually got to relax and enjoy ourselves for once down here in NJ.  We also built a dining table, put down floor tiles, painted every wall in our house, purchased all new shiny appliances, and hardwired our first light fixtures.  I am so excited for what 2011 will bring- besides the fact that this year is the big 30 for me.  Totally depressing I know, but I figure I still have 11 months to enjoy my 20s and plan on living it up- bigtime.

We spent the holidays up in NH visiting my family this year- where the green and brown grass turned to white after they got their first big snowstorm.  We went sledding (even Barkley made it in on the fun), ate and drank way too much, and had many laughs just sitting around the wood stove playing games.  Now we are on a strict work out regimen, aimed at getting us into hot shape for our vacation at the end of February to Jamaica (woot woot!)

The husband got me a sick camera for Christmas, with hopes that one day I will be able to support out family exploring the world of adult cinema.  Okay that was a joke. kind of.  Anyways, see the baby in all her beauty below:

I also scored some great design books, a mid century bowl and owl from my brother, gift cards and jewelry- and I managed to collect two deer antlers from a friend of my father.  These have found homes in the living room and guest bedroom, until I decide to move them again.  I am in love with them because they are exactly what I wanted them to be...and that is free.

Here's to wishing everyone an exciting 2011, filled with happiness and health!

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