Friday, October 21, 2011

Food for thought

Loving this modern/industrial mix of dining room storage.  The husband and I are thinking of jazzing up our dining room a bit and this is really on the right track to what I want...

In a completely unrelated but still pertinent note, we have a big project going on over here this weekend.  And when I say we, I mean me.  So you know it involves painting, since the husband doesnt take part in painting. EVER.  Here's a little teaser for you on your Friday:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bang for your buck

Or should I say bangs for 30 bucks?  I got bangs.  It happened last weekend.  Im not sure exactly how it went down or why I decided to do this, but some friends and my hair stylist promised they would look good.  And they do, well, they did.  And then this rainy weather came and made my bangs are floppy like on my small head.  I want bangs like Jules:

why not knot your hair

Im always looking for a quick way to throw my hair up and have it look cute for when I am just hanging out at home.  My hair is super fine and long, so most updo's that I see are completely impossible for me to perfect, unless of course I join the hair club for men.  But I did just come across this little "how to" and I have to say, I love!

The perfect knotted hair:

Seriously, this could be wedding hair people!  Find the Tutorial (its easy, I promise, I just did it) HERE

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wish List

While it might be a little early for an official Christmas wish list, I am one of the crazy people who tend to have a birthday wish list planned out way in advance.  This year is a big one though, because I am turning the evil 3-0!  People always say "your 30s are the best blah blah"- I dont buy it.  My 20s were awesome, and i cant imagine outdoing those wonderful years, some of which i dont remember.  But since this year is a big one for me, I am hoping to get myself something nice...something to reward myself for all my hard work over the last 8 years since I graduated college, met a guy, got married, moved to NJ and found my dream job.  Typically, a large bottle of vodka would suffice in this instance, but after my not so sober antics last Friday night, I am on the wagon.  So chickens, behold my wish list, something of which will be purchased for me, by me, very soon.  I mean, obviously whatever I buy will be worn out with my birthday suit.  Get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of birthday suit.

Alexander Wang Rocco bag- found HERE

 Egyptian Blossom bracelet- found HERE

Inca dress from shabby apple- found HERE

Brian Atwood Platform chain pumps, hotter and more comfy than Louboutin...holler- found HERE
 Key to my hear necklace- found HERE

La Mer Multi-chain wrap watch- found HERE

Note how i inserted links to each item, so in the case anyone reading this would like to send me a gift, its as easy as snappity snip snap, boom!  If we have learned one thing today, it's that I like to plan ahead and make lists.  It's no doubt I learned this from my mother, who has been making lists like a bad ass since I can remember.  "if you dont make a list, you are a fool" she says.  Well, actually, she doesn't say that ever, but Mr T would.

"I pity the fool who doesnt make a list!"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falling for Python

I am slightly obsessed with python lately. I am seeing it everywhere, and I want it all.  Especially some cute slip on flats, and a clutch.  But how amazing are this jacket and pant by Chloe?

I am currently coveting these clutches- one really needs to appear on my doorstep, like, today:

Monday, October 3, 2011

final reveal- our new patio!

It had been months and months that the husband has ben saying he wanted a patio area in the backyard.  After sending him a few links from some of my fave bloggers who had done their own patios, he took charge, and away he went to order paver stones, 450 bags of sand, etc.

I will let him document the actual process (he pretty closely followed THIS link), but here are some photos i took via my blackberry- apologies for the horrible resolution on these:

Looks amazing!  it took him about 2 days of digging (remember that movie Stir of Echoes?  Gotta dig, gotta dig says Kevin Bacon) and then another 2-3 days of laying the pavers, pounding them in, filling in with sand, etc.  He also made a sweet little mini patio for the firepit to sit on, so we dont end up with a crop circle in the lawn anymore!  Job VERY well dome hubby!

Now we have to add in dwarf evergreens along one side, plant grass seed (done this weekend, crossed off list), buy new patio furniture, and build some type of flower bins for the corners. Lots left to do, but it looks so much better than before.  This patio was meant to be!

Over the weekend

 My parents came down to visit last weekend, and as usual, their time spent here was filled with lots of laughs, tasty food and drinks, and of course, a surprise or two (enter the Bloomfield Fire Dept pulling up, sirens blaring, at 9pm on Saturday night because they thought our house was on fire from our backyard fire pit).

On Friday afternoon, I took the parents out to lunch at Holstens while the husband finished up his work day.  Little known to outsiders of Bloomfield NJ, Holstens is the restaurant where they filmed the last scene of the Sopranos (you know, right before the screen went black?  Meadow was actually parallel parking on our street- donttt stop, believinnn).  Anyways, we are having a nice little lunch and all of a sudden, 150 people are jamming the doorway, taking turns sitting in a booth next to us and taking photos like crazies.  A Sopranos tour is what it was, and i was astonished that people pay money to sit in a booth and take photos of a where a tv show happened.  We did our part, by making stupid faces in the background.  These dumb tourists are going to get home and see My Dad pretending to stab me with a fork in the background of each and every photo.  Gotta love Joisey. After that, my mom and I headed out dress shopping for my brother's upcoming wedding next April.  After walking about 3 miles through the mall, we found a dress! Great Success!  If momma aint happy...well...its a scary situation.   Friday night we cooked a nice little dinner at home and relaxed with many mudslides.

Saturday, we hit up the Harvest fest fair in the downtown (see:ghetto) area of our town.  Dad watched some mini ninjas practice and the parents got their first taste of Zeppolis!  Then off we went to Yankee Stadium, to watch the Red Sox lose (again) to the Yankees.  Dad was the only happy one on the way home.  See- it was an action packed weekend.  And yet somehow, someway, my mom found time to take a ride on the back of the husbands Harley.  Cross another item off the bucket list for Patty!

She loves that dirty water!!  We cant wait for another visit (turkey day?)