Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright!

Back in October we took a little trip to San Antonio Texas to visit my brother (read: second favorite child) and his girlfriend.  We traveled out there with my parents (who are very experienced fliers) for a 4 day visit in warmer weather.  We arrived on a Friday in the afternoon and upon landing, my phone begin ringing off the hook with a NJ number I didnt recognize.  I answer, and its "Doggie Paradise", the place we send the pup to when we go away.  "Did you know your dog is peeing blood?" the woman asks me?  My obvious answer is no, because that would be a bit alarming.  "Well, we are going to take him to the vet and get checked out because this could be serious."  Great news...poor pup pup is all alone, peeing blood, and on his way to the vet.  I am immediately flooded with guilt over being 2,000 miles away and my mind is consumed with thoughts of doggie estrangement from his parents.  The pup ended up having bladder stones (yes, seriously WTF) and we had to get surgery for him at the tune of 4x what it cost to buy him.  But now he is fine so lets just end that story.

Anyways- we did alot in Texas...ate, drank, slept, walked, ate, drank, drank more and danced.  Its like there is so much great food in San Antonio that we ate like it was going out of style.  Thankfully I packed stretchy pants to take care of that problem.  We visited the San Antonio Zoo, and went to some weird Western Days festival where the husband got arrested (for fake and yes, I arranged it all).  We also hit up this amazing spot in the middle of nowhere called Texas Price BBQ.  I know, it sounds like massive gay bar but its not...its actually a huge BBQ place with live bands and dancing.  It was love at first site...especially when we pulled in to the lot and a woman on a horse directed us to a parking spot.  Holler...I love Texas. Below are some photos of our trip...only 4 months later:

 The critters (mom, dad, ben and his gf Kiley) outside of their critter corral
 Dad looking at old tools and guns. surprise surprise.
 More critters. 
 Me and some sort of nasty pig type animal.  My favorite were the alpacas, which they had for sale but unfortunately mister alpaca wouldnt fit into our rental car
 mom and dad look like they are on a first date
 mom with a fake horse.  Thank god someone likes to take stupid pics like I do!
 The sick dude who "arrested" the husband
 ahaha the husband in jail.  Thats what happens when you were bright green plaid to the wild west!
 Best burger I have had in my life.  the fries werent bad either.
 me outside of Texas Pride BBQ.  The party room is to the left
 the husband likes to pose with old gasoline pumps
 Who's a happy camper with her mac & cheese and pulled pork?  This girl.
 The live band on the huge stage
 brother, sister and the husband.  totally sober.
This was in some Mexican alleyway...right before we had more Mexican food.

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