Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Boss is in town

Tomorrow starts Bruce Springsteen's 5 day tour stop at the Meadowlands in NJ. Lucky for me, I live 3 miles from this historic venue and I will be attending his first show there on Wednesday night with the husband and our friends Krissy and Justin. If I told you I was excited, I would be completely lying. I am beyond thrilled and anxious. I have been waiting to see The Boss in concert since I was a little kid. I can't stop researching the setlists from his recent shows, trying to guess at which songs he will sing (Badlands? No Surrender? Brilliant Disguise?) and attempting to find a way to sneak my camera past security. I am giddy just thinking that at this time tomorrow, I will be witnessing one of America's iconic rock and roll figures blowing the top off of Giants stadium.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Dream Entrance into my dream home...if I even come close to this...ahhh the possibilities...

Dream Livingroom...the animal print, the yellow/black/white combo, the gray walls-amazing.

My dream bedroom. Neutral colors? Check. Balanced, minimalistic decor approach? Check. Gorgeous vintage chandelier? Check.

I envy the owner of this lovely little vanity/sitting area. I want it. Now.

My dream bathroom. Modern and relaxing, with sharp color contrasts and a HUGE tub.

Ahhhh pipe dreams....

Welcome to the dollhouse

Growing up, I loved to play with dolls and I can remember how envious I was of my friends that had larger dollhouses, with rooms for their all their tiny tea sets and china cabinets. 20 years later, I am now realizing how creepy a life size dollhouse really is. I found these photos and although I was immediately intrigued by the work that went into this house, I also found myself wondering what it was about this house that just didnt sit well with me. The all glass wall really makes me uncomfortable, but also...where is the bathroom? The Kitchen? To make a long story short, I am no longer jealous of anyone who owns a house like this.

On Fire

How cool are these designer fire extinguishers? Pretty sure if mine looked like this, it wouldn't be shoved behind the basement door where no one can see it...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Idaho Wedding

Soooo I stumbled across this Idaho wedding via a friend of mine who is getting married in a few weeks. She said that it was so organic and simplistic, and by far the most creative ceremony site she had ever seen. Naturally, I had to become a stalker and find out as much as I could about this wedding and the inspiration behind it.

The entire ceremony setting was built by the bride's brother. He actually took pieces of wood and created faux walls, windows and a set of double doors, opening up to this gorgeous aisle. He even created bars on the fake windows, placed the bright yellow dresser at the altar to symbolize two lives becoming one, and hung that vintage chandelier above for an added elegance. I cant even begin to wonder where he came up with this idea...but I am in awe! Why cant I be creative like this? Below are some of my favorite photos...you can view all photos from this wedding here.

Fall Essentials

For months now I have been perusing all the new fall trends on my favorite websites and making long lists of all the new items I would love to buy if I had the budget. Well everyone, I have narrowed down my ridiculously long list of "wants" to some classic pieces that I foresee holding their place in my closet for a very long time. The below is my perfect mix and match of affordable and high end! (PS, 2 out of 5 of these have already been purchased...but since I am supposed to be saving for a big trip to Europe next year, I will keep quiet on which ones).

From Top:
Zebra Print Cardigan $49.50 from Delias
Faux Fur Vest $60- Fred Flare
Gray Trench Coat $2,795- Net-a-porter
Joele Knee High Boots $348 -Coach
Vintage Chanel 2.55 Lambskin Flap Bag $203 -Ecrater

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scenes from the West Village

If someone handed me a million dollars or so and told me I could choose any area of the city to live in, it would without a doubt be the West Village. There is just something about the brownstones on the tree-lined streets, the quaint wine bars and restaurants, and the artsy/eclectic vibe from the NYU students that gives the village the #1 spot on my list. Last weekend my college roommate (and one of my best friends whose wedding I featured here) came to visit with her husband and we took a little trip into the city, more specifically, the Village. We walked for a bit, grabbed a cocktail and watched some college football, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of my favorite places. Below are a few shots from our trip, before the rain cut it short.

Typical building on 7th ave. I actually loved that it said "duplex" in the window, and thats the reason for this photo

Cool mural from inside the bar we made a quick detour in. They made a killer bloody mary....too bad I dont remember the name of the place...

Photo taken because I love Marc Jacobs and this billboard stuck out so much in the gloomy haze of the rain

The roommate and I. Unfortunately you cant read my shirt, but it says "have a Coke and a smile". LOVE IT.

My husband alerted me to this painted sign outside a brownstone- saying how it would be a great photo for my blog. (Even though he denies reading the blog all the time). A simple statement that is pretty dead-on if you ask me.

The Lucky One

At 10am one year ago I was out to brunch with my bridesmaids, filled with excitement about going to get my hair done and then slipping on the beautiful wedding gown. I knew that no matter what little problems arose (would the flowers look perfect? Would it rain?) it would be the happiest and most important day of my life. And it was. Standing there, at the start of the aisle with my Dad, tears of joy running down my face, I looked out and saw the man I was about to vow to spend the rest of my life with. John, the past 4 years with you have been wonderful, but this last year being your wife has been nothing short of amazing. I look forward to celebrating this day with you until we are old and gray, well, until we are old and you are bald. I love you so much and feel so lucky to be the girl you chose to spend your life with. Happy one year anniversary to us!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have never really had much of an opinion about Kanye West. I thought he was annoying and egotistical after all the man tantrums he has thrown, but last minute sealed the deal for me. Taylor Swift, a 17 year old country music star and possibly one of the most down to earth performers of today was awarded her first VMA, and this loser of a grown man does the side winder up to the stage, grabs the mic from her, and proceeds to tell the crowd (and Taylor, who at this point is standing there, completely flustered) that Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video should have won and was one of the best of all time. What a dick. (for the record, her video was nothing more than her jolting her body back in forth in a horrible leotard, flocked by disgusting back up dancers). And this was all after the loser got kicked off the red carpet while successfully downing a bottle of Hennessy. Him and his broad shouldered, bald girlfriend Amber "I used to be a stripper and suck at life" Rose should've stayed home. Donald Trump is calling for a boycott of Kanye and for once, I agree with the Donald. Kanye, you're fired.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Football season has officially started. Aside from being a HUGE fan, here are a few tell tale signs that have clued me in:

1.) The husband has been checking our Direct TV subscription every day for the past two weeks to make sure we have NFL direct channels ready to go for Sunday

2.) Both me and the husband have double and triple checked our fantasy league starters, and have been trash talking each other since the fantasy draft. I am not so secretly hoping that every player he owns breaks a leg.

3.) A slight situation arose this morning, aka the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR. I come into the living room to see the husband standing in front of our 50 inch tv, pressing buttons frantically mumbling to himself. I ask what he is doing, and he waves his arms like a mad man, saying that "there is a problem with the sound, THERE IS NO SOUND". I tell him to calm down, and you would think I have just asked him to give up his first born son. (Note- it has already been decided by that if we have a son, he will pretty much come out of the womb with a football helmet on.) After swearing a bit more, he turned the tv back on and the sound was fine. He sat down with a huge sigh, relieved that his day hadnt been ruined.

4.) The first thing the husband did this morning when he woke up was put on his Dolphins jersey, and remind me that today he would do nothing more than watch football and eat.

5.) The husband just asked me to Google "infant football jerseys" because he would like to buy one for our dog.

6.) As I write this post, I am watching two games while simultaneously checking to see how both of my fantasy teams are doing.

7.) I am currently losing in both leagues and this has ruined my day. I am recrossing my fingers for those broken legs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Payless? I think I will

Soo back when I was younger some of my most horrifying memories were of my mother dragging me into the local Payless Shoe Store to shop (while I did my best to not be recognized). Buying your "back to school" shoes there was definitely NOT something to brag about to your girlfriends. But recently, I feel like I have seen new, much hipper ad campaigns for Payless all over the city, so I decided to do some investigating and stumbled across these darling heels and boots. Who knew Payless had upped their "cool" factor?

I am slightly obsessed with the color gray. These would take a decent office outfit up a few notches to adorable
Purple is such a hot color for fall. I am envisioning these with a gray sweaterdress, cinched belt and black tights.
These boots are my favorite of the bunch. They are the epitomy of rocker chic, and I especially love that the heel is a bit shorter, so I am not towering over all my friends.

These little badboys are not from Payless but I wanted to share...I just stumbled across these on Zappos, fell madly in love and purchased them, all within 15 minutes. Let's hope they look as good in person as they do here

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The end of summer

We spent our Labor Day Weekend up at our friend's camp in Maine. The weather was perfect and so was the "house on a rock" we stayed in (the house was literally built on top of a huge boulder). Suffice to say, we spent a majority of the weekend relaxing around the campfire, napping and eating a lot. Actually, a lot may actually be an understatement.

Thomas Pond, Raymond Maine

The Husband and his beer. Love this picture.

Prior to this weekend, our pup was deathy afraid of water and would haul ass every time we tried to make him swim. (Fact- he weighs 9 lbs, 7 of it is fur). Fast forward to Sunday- the little guy fell in once and turned into a fish. Watching him paddle his little paws around was our entertainment for the weekend. Photo taken right before he dove in, paws first of course.

The perfect S'more? I think so. We used Kit Kats to enhance the deliciousness. Worked wonders.

Our lobster feast.

In case I didnt have enough lobster over the weekend, we made a quick detour on the way home to Bob's Clam Shack in Kittery Maine. I can remember going to this place when I was a kid!

There is no better way to end the summer with a lobster roll. (Note: this was my second one of the weekend)

Oh how happy...

Even though I got married almost a year ago (wow, time really flies), I am still slightly (okay okay, extremely) obsessed with everything wedding. So much of the inspiration for my own wedding came from vintage photos and fashions, so when I saw This post, I had to do some investigative work and find more photos from this ridiculously gorgeous wedding.

The dress is so classic, the veil is crazy rockin and OH MY GOD the bride and groom are stunning. Love the side swept hair and the flower on the side. And those shoes! Check out the rest of this happy couple here...and while you are there, take a look around Sarah Rhoades entire blog, the husband and wife make a pretty amazing team. If for some reason I ever find myself in Seattle (chances are slimmer than slim) I am totally giving them a call.

Grunge Factor

These photos just made up my mind- I am bringing back the 90s this fall, no doubt about it. Ripped skinny jeans, burnout t's, studded boots, here.I.come.