Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On My Mind Right Now

  • The state of the union address is totally boring and its throwing off my typical tv schedule
  • I do not want to finish this presentation i am working on
  • I better have some good plans for Valentines Day- a surprise would be nice
  • My blackberry is not working and it will suck if I have to get a new one
  • I wonder how much snow we will get tomorrow
  • I am so sick of winter and it has so far to go
  • Why is the dog staring at me
  • I could really go for a popsicle right now- more specifically, a fudgicle
  • "no student left behind" seems pretty dumb to me- why cant student fail if they dont do the work?
  • I wonder how many snickerdoodle cookies i can eat before the husband notices there are some missing
  • I am so tired from waking up at 7am today- I dont know how people get up so early every day
  • I love how now there is a tuition tax credit for college.  How about a fucking tax credit for the loans I will be paying back for another 10 years
  • Remind me never to watch Obama again he is making me ill
  • Can i spray paint a deer antler white?
  • I need a new closet system for my shoes asap
  • Tomorrow for lunch i am totally having a cobb salad with chicken
  • DCT get better soon!

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