Tuesday, December 21, 2010

High Ceilings vs Pitched roofs

These are all just making me wish our home had a pitched roof in the master bedroom...

and a door to the outside world, and a ladder, and white floors and an amazing light fixture hanging from high in the beams.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Patrick Johansson

 well this first photo is NOT Patrick Johansson but I liked it so deal...

 That copper light over the table

 That impeccable two tone floor

 these dope hippie pillows and fat chunk of a table

 those bowls. that door straight ahead.  The old leather chair that looks so comfy

 this bright blue piece that looks as it were snatched from an old post office.  Reminiscent of my blue piece in our living room, that was snatched off craigslist

These chairs...sigh.  One day lovers, one day...

Too fat to fish?

One of my all time favorite comedians, the great Artie Lang, most known for his amazing work in the epic classic "Beerfest", wrote a book and titled it "too fat to fish"- after his father told him exactly that when he was younger. No- this isnt a random rambling, its actually the exact thing that came to mind today as i nearly lost a limb due to a too tight dress in H&M on 5th ave in New York.  I had an early morning meeting and a late afternoon meeting today, so during the hours in between I decided to hit up H&M and see if they had anything cute (see: cheap) for me to rock on New Years Eve.  I took my arm full of size 4 and size 6 clothing upstairs to the dressing room and proceeded to try on the # 1 score of the day, a long sleeved sequins sheath dress that would look amazing with some gray tights and black booties.  Cut to 3 minutes later- dress is stuck over my head, one arm lodged in the zipper, and I am trying to remember if there is anything sharp enough inside my bag to cut this ridiculously small dress off my apparently large body.  What the hell is with H&M teasing people with cute dresses in fake sizes? After i took a deep breath, pulled with all my might and freed myself from the dress (which towards the end began to choke me), I decided on a classy pair of sweatpants and a baggy tank top, that will work really well in the below frigid temps of NH where I will be staying for the next week.  Too fat to fish, more like to smart to try on a size 4 in that store again.  Im sure it didnt help that I had two full course dinners on Saturday night- but whose business is that really?


not only the name of the shoes i will be purchasing in 2011, but also the god-daughter of the infamous shoe maker looking gorgeous in Vogue China's January issue

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our house is officially Christmas-tized, as my mother likes to call it.  It sucks living far away and decorating when in reality, the only people who see the decorations are the two awesome people who live here.  But I will continue the tradition every year of whining on December 1st that I want a tree and watching from inside my warm house while the husband puts up the lights up in the freezing cold. I will take some more snaps later when I find my camera charger but for now, here is a little photo of our entryway (tree and skull are actually in the living room, which is to the right when you walk in). I love my silver branches (purchased from Michaels for $2). Photo is taken from my blackberry so its a bit blurry and the colors on the walls look all out of whack ugh.  They are actually gray here.  Anyways, i will try to take some later with the lights on. 

NYE Ramblings

Every year I try my hardest to make plans with friends ahead of time and every year it comes down to Dec 23rd and everyone racing around trying to figure out where to go and who to invite and what to wear.  I started in on the husband early this year and made him reach out to his buddies, since we will be up in Boston for the big 2011 ball drop.  I have also been keeping my eyes out for something glittery and glitzy to wear out, and whether we are going to a sports bar or a fancy dinner, I believe that NYE is a night to shine.  Below are some options I have stumbled across that are contenders...but I still am searching for the "it" dress. 


Ill take me some of everything Christine Centenerra is wearing right here..right down to the sandals and zip legged leather pants. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scandinavian Lover

There are probably a million reasons why I would never move to Denmark/Sweden but oh my god these below photos are giving me about 15 reasons why I should absolutely move there now. like pronto.

Oh I dunno, are there any patterns you see here?  Floating stairs/open airy loft space, the color white?  I love white more than I can even explain yet somehow there is basically none of it in my current home.  I guess we will throw that little set of thoughts on the back burner until the next home!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I was just scooting my way around the internet when i clicked a gift guide link and ended up on this site.  Instant love.  I have been looking for a website that sold interesting yet not overly popular paintings and prints for a while now and this is the holy grail.  20 x 200 is chock full of some pretty cool stuff- great for gifts and my dining room, which is exactly where two of the below prints will be hanging in about a week. Straight out of New York and for such low prices!

I wish my plates were white

So that I could display them like this in my kitchen/dining room.  Add it to the list my friends.

Birthday Weekend Recap

It came and went like a firestorm my 29th birthday did.  Good food, good cocktails and some amazing friends helped make it a great one.  Friday night we waited (impatiently) for Jenn and Adam to arrive and after fighting NJ traffic for an hour, they finally made it and drinks were immediately on order.  Our friends Krissy and Justin arrived soon after and we all headed out to Jenn's recommendation for dinner, Cuban Petes for a tapas and sangria infused meal.  What an amazing place!  From the outside it appears to be a tiny little restaurant- that is until you walk through the palm tree lined path (complete with real coconuts) and into this little gem of a location.  We waited in line for a table (they told us it would be an hour and no, they didnt take reservations).  So we all popped open a beer (yes thats right, Cuban Pete's is BYOB) and passed around the can of Whipahol or "Whipped Lightning" as the in crowd calls it.  We ended up being seated fairly quickly and ordered up pitchers of Sangria and Mojitos and ate some of the most delicious food I have encountered in a long time.  Cut to 1 hour later and the husband has stolen a coconut and has given it to Jenn, who takes one look and smashes it onto the ground in the parking lot.  Sadly, we have still not grown up and it is quite obvious.  We come back to our home and play some fun games (Im sure our neighbors LOVED our renditions of "I Fought the law and the law won" at 230am courtesy of Rock Band for Xbox360).

We woke up the next morning and since the hubby was playing softball, Jenn, Adam and I wandered over to the classy establishment known as International House of Pancakes, which happens to be across the street from my house and indulged in some hangover suppressant food.  Back to the house to lounge around and then a quick ride over for some margaritas and a picture of the NY skyline.  How lovely.  And this was all before 3pm!  Then over came our other friends, Becky and Rick and their new pup Zeke to drink and eat and enjoy my actual bday.  Zeke harassed Barkley and they both barked for 2 hours straight.  After regaining our hearing, we headed out to Hoboken to see a live band and obviously drink some more (note- drinking as much as you can in a 48 hour period is a prerequisite for amazing things to happen at 3am, trust me).  We drank, we danced, we tried to pay with credit card at a cash only bar, and we made a fantastic late night visit to Johnny Rockets for a cheeseburger and fries.  We also took a 1 hour ride home in a cab who got lost and gave us a tour of the ghetto known as Newark.  Thanks cabby, thanks a lot.  But we did make it home in once piece with all our belongings and some fun yet blurry memories.  Big shout out to Jenn and the husband for making some great plans to help ring in 29.  The countdown to 30 started yesterday and there were no cocktails involved.

Elle Decor -December in the mountains

Below photos from Elle Decor...I'll take a little trip to these homes any day please and thank you.