Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come and Knock on my door

We are currently in the paint/clean up/freak out mode here about the state of the outside of our house.  Well I am.  I hate that the paint is faded and that the whole house needs a serious power wash.  I also cant stand the front door, with its weird glass pattern taken right out of the 90s and improperly installed frame.  Every time I walk through the door way my body cringes and I know that sooner or later, this door baby has to go.

We are going to paint the outside of our house- probably trade in the gray shutters for black ones and keep the rest of the house white.  Im sure it will look so much better with a fresh coat of paint.  But now I am turning my attention to the new front door (and storm door) that we are getting and of course we cant figure out what we want.  Initially I said I didnt want any windows, because when I am home alone, the last thing I want to see is someone creepin up to look into my home. We have large bay windows on either side of the door, so if I need to see who's a-knockin...I can look out the windows.  Now I am seeing some cute square-windowed doors that are speaking to me in a language of love and flirting with me...telling me they will match so well with my bay window panes.  Who knew doors could be so romantic.  But really, the biggest decision to come is what color the door will be.  I vote green, the husband, well he wants wood colored.  So I figured I would search around and get some inspiration that would hopefully help us both decide on a door that is welcoming, but not too far out there.

My favorite- the orange.  Maybe we will keep the gray shutters and do a pumpkin colored, orange door. Hat would make me VERY happy. 

We are landscapers

We ripped out the nasty office-type bushes that were half dead and ugly looking in the front of our house.  In classic fashion, I cannot find one photo of the outside of our house that shows these horrible bushes.  However, here is the after.  Sparse, brightly colored flowers/shrubs/plants that will grow much bigger and better than their current state.  We only planted these 3 weeks ago...so we have a ways to go.  (Update!  The japanese maples are starting bud...hallelujah!)

It does look sort of...empty.  But the plants we bought are going to grow to be 2-3 ft wide and at least 2 ft high, so it will fill in, even if it doesnt happen until next year.  On a brighter note, we have no idea what we planted, how it will fare in all day sunlight, and if it will come back again next year. 

Easter Recap

After all my traveling to the West Coast last week it was nice to be back home, relaxing, with no crazy plans for Easter Weekend.  The husband and I took advantage of our "down" time and the nice weather and got some major yard work completed.  Now we no longer look like we are bringing down the neighborhood on the "good" side of the street.  It rained on Saturday, so I went out and got some errands done, including getting a nice little Easter gift for the husband.  After I presented it to him (he actually looked in the trunk of the car and saw it before I could surprise him), he handed over to me a large Easter basket, filled to the rim with chocolate.  My first thought was, "wow, he really knows me" because he picked out all my favorites.  My second thought was, "is he trying to fatten me up to trade me in for a younger more fit model?"  Of course I realized that couldnt be the case, so I just went on my peppermint patty eating way.

So after putting away a massive amount of chocolate at 10am on Sunday morning, we headed outside to do some serious cleanup.  I played project manager while the husband mowed the lawn, raked, seeded and watered.  I did spray some weed killer on the sidewalk and also swept the front stairs.  I know, I know, all in a days work.  I wandered inside, cleaned up a bit and then realized I hadnt heard from the husband at all in about 10 minutes...so I crept outside to the garage and found him entangled in a loving embrace with the new love of his life....

Yes folks, thats a Harley.  And yes, we are now the proud parents of a Pomeranian AND a Harley.  The husband is obsessed with it.  He pets it, starts it up just to turn it back off, and I have found him staring at it more than a few times.  Good thing the neighbors are friendly, because this sucker purrs loud.  Looks like more trips to the beach are in store this year on our (I mean the husband's) pimp new ride.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Finally Here

Monday is D-Day for my best friend Jenn- as she is running the Boston Marathon!  I cant believe that someone with such little legs is going to run a whole 26.2 miles- its awesomely insane and I am so proud of her.  I wont be at the finish line but the husband and I are setting up camp in Wellesley, right around the 15 mile marker to cheer her on.  I still find it pretty amazing that people run this far and don't die.  Rewind 2 weeks, and check out the hot pics the husband took as I prepared for and successfully finished my first ever half marathon!

Lisa, Marybeth and I, before we lined up with the other 11,000 women running

holy crap thats alot of people

if you look close enough (bottom right hand corner) you can see my waving as Lisa and I run by the husband

Around mile 12- which also happened to be right when the migraine started...awesome.  I look like I want to throw up...and thats funny because...I did, about 35 minutes after this photo was taken.  I know, stay classy.

and off I go, running towards the finish.  Adrenaline pumping.

Yea woooo finished.  And never doing that again.

Done and not looking so happy.  head was pounding and I knew that the inevitable was coming...
Sucking down the gatorade, which quickly prompted me to boot all over Central Park.  Turns out I got a major migraine from not having enough sodium in my body and got super sick.  At least I finished and got a shiny medal though!

House Tour- Becks and Ricks Dutch Colonial

Our friends Becky and Rick just moved into a gorgeous home in Stamford, CT about a month ago, so the husband and I took a little trip up to visit and check out the new digs.  Becky is probably going to hate me for posting pics of her house but I gave her the warning when I whipped out my camera and she said "okay"- so I will take that as permission to post.  Lets take a tour of the 101 year old house!

This is what we saw as we pulled up.  Holy huge house!  It instantly charms you and makes you feel like you are somewhere in the south.  Doesnt even look like its 101 years old, but that's because the previous owner did some serious renovations before he..er...more on that later.

The HUGE front porch that leads you to the entrance of the house.  Cant you just picture Becky and I in rocking chairs with large glasses of Margarita in our hands?  I can.

The foyer.  This is the view as you walk in.  LivingRoom to the right, dining room and kitchen to the left and stairs straight ahead.

The dining room.  Complete with arches doorways and a swinging butler type door like the Cosby's had!  So jealous, although I can see a lot of drunk injuries coming from this doorway...

Next up- one of the upstairs bathrooms, aka "the bathroom they dont use".  also also known as my new bedroom.

guest room 1- looks blue but is purple.  

Guest room 2- yeaa for the bright pink.  this room is has so much space! And check out the floors...the hardwood is all throughout the house and is so pretty!

Now ee are entering my favorite room- the laundry room, located on the second floor ( who gets so lucky to have this and why dont I have it?)  I say swear words every time I oaf up and down my basement stairs with laundry.

Check out the sickkk wallpaper.  Becky actually turned around and said to me, " you will probably like this." And she is right- i love it.  Its so out of style, that its back in.

I have some serious camera skills, apologies for the flash.  Welcome to the master bathroom, complete with mirrors all around.  You know Rick loves those.
 double sinks, check.

huge soaker tub, check.

rain showerhead- check

I didnt dare take pics of the master closet because it seemed a little bit stalker-ish.  I mean, I went right in, I just didnt turn on the camera- come on people, this is the girl who looks through people's cabinets.  Great master closet with tons of space.

Oh and now lets make our way back downstairs. this is a totally screwy picture taken on a funny angle.  The master bedroom (which i somehow didnt get any pics of) is behind me, the guest rooms and upstairs landing are in front of me, and these are the stairs going to the first floor (to the foyer).

Again with the foyer...I am slightly smitten with this part of the house and want to hang a massive globe light here.

Gourmet kitchen, complete with a faucet above the cook top stove.  Love me those lights and all the white!

See, i wasnt lying about the faucet above the stove.  You can see it here, along with the double oven in the wall and subway tile back splash- just like our kitchen!

I asked what this midget door was for and Becky told me it is to keep wood for the fireplace in.  Oh snap.

The deck, the yard, Rick, and his new boyfriend, the grill.  Look at him, undressing it with his eyes.  Such a creeper.

And now for my final display of camera skills...I took some pics of the original molding that is throughout the house.  amazing! and the medallion for the light in the foyer- amazing x 2!
So, that completes our little house tour.  I cant wait to go back to see all the work they have done and what colors they end up painting everything.  I am not sure how it happened (couldve been the margaritas or the vodka) but I clearly forgot to take pics of the living room and the awesome back glass porch, complete with rockers.  Ill leave that for next time!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Invisible Man

How f'ing cool are these photos?  Do you see the invisible man in them all?  Liu Bolin paints himself so that he disappears within his surroundings- some of these paint jobs take up to 10 hours!  Can you even imagine standing still to be painted for 10 hours?