Monday, January 3, 2011

Finishing the Dining Room...maybe

Recently I have been having major anxiety over rooms in our house not being "done" yet.  Its not so much that I care what other people think, its more that I am getting really sick of seeing the same crap in the same corner of each room for months on end.  I understand that when you buy a house, its a bit of a process.  But I dont know how much longer this laid back minimalist can stand the heaping piles of things I dont even like laying around my house.

This brings me to the dining room.  The husband made a huge farmhouse table this summer and I purchased some knock off Eames chairs to blend in along with the ones we already had.  We hung photos on the walls and stacked the sideboard with every casserole dish this side of the Mississippi (i just had to sing that in my head to spell it right).  When Thanksgiving came along and wahcked us in the face, we had to move everything around to fit our guests and now everything is just sitting there, saying a big "F you" to me.  Its like the furniture is taunting me every time I walk thru to the kitchen.  We have discussed it, and we (see: I) have decided that a bar cart would be a good addition to this room, and would fit like OJ Simpson's glove under the side window.  So now, I am on the hunt.  The sad thing is, I have come across at least 5 bar carts on craigslist and in vintage stores that wouldve been perfect, but they have gone on to live in other people's homes.  Our booze bottles are starting to overflow the liquor cabinet and wine has been sent down to the basement for the winter...theres just no room!  Here are a few favorites I have found while working from home today...

 A cute little guy from Urban Outfitters.  Basic, clean lined and just screaming for me to spray paint it some ungodly color

 This beauty would fit rather nicely in my backyard, right next to my nonexistent pool

 Every girl needs a little lucite in their life.  Lucite and vodka

 Straight out of the civil war era we have this industrial and heavy looking cart.  

 Totally Mad Men-esque.  I cant decide if the gold is gaudy or just perfect. I think I would hate this after 5 days.

 Currently my favorite.  Whats wrong with Army surplus and a free side dish of lead paint? If anyone can find me something similar, Ill give you your first cocktail for free- pinky swear

More lucite- found on Etsy. The seller just happens to live 20 minutes from me and although there is some major spidering going on here inside the lucite, I love it anyway.  The husband will hate it though, so Im sad to say the idea of this baby is like a fish out of water...dead.

Holler.  I like you, and I know you will like me, especially since we will be interacting on a daily basis.  When I scrape together the $2599 it takes to bring you home we will live happily ever after

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