Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crepes are Easy

My amazing husband just surprised me with strawberry crepes for dessert. He remembered that I had mentioned that I really wanted crepes, oh maybe, 20 times since last weekend. I also reminded him that I had never been to a creperie but was just dying to make a visit to one, so he brought the creperie to me!

Sartorialist Part 1

The Sartorialist is one of my daily reads and I am constantly trying to be inspired by the gorgeous photos I see. I'll take all three of these looks please.


JCrew's current Fall line is so fancy...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Inspiration...

What's not to love about this room?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sign of the season- Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes

Two weekends ago as I was flipping through my newest Rachel Ray magazine, I came across an article for these delicious sounding cupcakes. Since its the perfect season to incorporate pumpkin into a dessert, I decided to go ahead and try these badboys out.
First, I created the cheesecake filling from cream cheese and confectionary sugar in a bowl. Then I created the pumpking batter with store bought pumpkin puree, egg whites, vanilla, flour, pumpkin pie spice, sugar and baking powder. I scooped out a bit of the pumpkin batter, added a scoop of the cream cheese filling, and then another scoop of the batter and cooked the little guys in the oven at 350 until I stuck in a toothpick and it came out clean.

Next, I made the frosting from brown sugar, egg whites and butter. I mixed the brown sugar and egg whites together, and then heated over a pot of boiling water until it reached 390 degrees, whisking the entire time. Then, I removed it from heat, and slowly added cold pieces of butter while beating on a high speed, to create a fluffy, buttercream frosting!

I didnt get the frosting hot enough on the first try, so I had to re-heat it to 390 degrees and start again... (ps- I am obsessed with my KitchenAid- I use it all the time!)

Next, I filled a plastic bag with the frosting and cut a hole in the corner (I didnt have a pastry bag) and squeezed a dollop of frosting onto each cupcake (after they cooled of course)

The end product? The most delicious pumpkin dessert I have ever had. They were very rich, so me and the husband were only able to eat one each that night.

My recommendation for the future- either buy or make a creamcheese frosting (similar to what you would use for carrot cake) as this buttercream frosting was TOO buttery and too rich for my liking. I ended up scraping the frosting off all the cupcakes and eating them like muffins, and they were just as good, if not better!

Hello Kate

Some Kate Moss for your afternoon, thank me later.

Bright and Beachy

This house is in Plymouth, MA (14 Jefferson St to be exact) and I need to live here. Let's take a little, tour shall we? To start, we see a nice welcoming green door, complete with season appropriate flowers by the stairs...

Next- a children's room. Are you kidding me? How cool are the colors and decor in here? Small, but how much room does a kid really need to sleep?

And now for my favorite room in this house, the ridiculously large/beachy/perfect bathroom, complete with claw foot tub. This bathroom is literally larger than my bedroom now...sigh..

Oh and right next to the huge perfect bathroom- a perfect master bedroom. I love LOVE the wall of windows, although I would put up some sort of curtains...dont want the neighbors peeping into here! The colors in here are amazing, Tiffany blue and eggshell!

You know how I am about yellow kitchens. This one just won my heart over. I am a fan of the glass front cabinets and funky sink hardware...

Another shot of the kitchen...complete with retro bar stools and table. Check out the ceiling too lines and the window seat. I secretly long for a kitchen with a window seat (so I can watch the husband cook me up some delicious dinners!)

The dining room- how freakin great are the colors! Normally I shy away from any pinks inside a home, but this is adorable and the black furniture really makes everything contrast yet come together so nicely...

Back patio...margarita please?

If the patio wasnt enough, here's a little side porch to take a seat on and watch the world go buy...

Autumn Colors

Just a quick little blurb about how awesome these autumn colors look mixed into each other...brown/tan/gold/ does not get much better than this. The alternating black and white chairs in the second photo make me want to go out, buy a new table and copy this- right down to the gold cushion and leopard print pillow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Klari Reis

The cousin of the husband of my friend, Melissa, is Klari Reis. Inventive and so creative, she is based out of San Francisco but has done installations and is well known all across the world. Below is a little blurb about her work (sort of difficult to read)...but for more info and to see some of her work, check her out at

Bad Trend I Love

Over the knee boots are popping up everywhere, from the runway to Steve Madden stores. I am not completely sold on this trend yet- actually, I am sold on the trend, but not sold on where on earth I would ever wear these to. They seem like they would be a bit uncomfortable for walking and sitting...but they look so pretty...

These women pull them off in real life...sort of. Blake Lively during Gossip Girl filming, Kate Moss looks good in whatever she wears, model on the street in Paris? Why not. I dont love the white version of these boots and I really dont like Lindsanity Lohan...but she still makes the look work for her.

If I do cave in and purchase a pair, I want them to look just like this. These boots are from freakin Zara! Why dont I ever find any good shoes there? I literally saw these Here and immediately left work and ran to the 3 Zara stores within 20 blocks of my office. No luck though- which is so frustrating because these boots are perfect in every way. They are the right height on the leg, have a chunky 4 inch heel that would be totally comfy to walk across the city in, and were probably less than $100.

Erin Wasson!!!

I have become completely obsessed with Erin Wasson. She is an American (Texas born) super edgy model who has literally become HUGE over the past year. There is so much I LOVE about her, but mostly it's her insane sense of style, that is the perfect mix of hippie grunge and high class elegance. Let's just take a little look at her for a minute...dare you to tell me she isn't amazing.

How hot is this outfit/ are these shoes!?!?!

Stories from the Boss

I came, I saw, and I loved every minute of it. Seeing the Boss, live for the last concert ever at Giants Stadium was amazing. Even bettere than I could've imagined. He playted an amazing set list, complete with my favorites such as No Surrender, Hungry Heart, Rosalita and Thunder Road. He rocked the place. I begged the husband to go back and see him again the following week but was told that a.) he doesnt like Bruce THAT much and b.) it is a little ridiculous to go see the same concert twice when you are on crutches (such a cop out). So, we agreed to see him sometime in the future...perhaps when he opens up the new stadium here in East Rutherford? I am counting down the days...