Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Every year we all make resolutions and every year we all (at least I) break mine within a month or so of the new year starting.  Well not this year folks.  Prior to the holidays, I applied to run in the NYC annual half marathon in March with a few friends.  Due to the large amount of applicants, none of us got accepted and we were a bit bummed, and then slightly relieved that the next 3 months of my life wouldnt be filled up with nightmares about running 13 miles.  Then yesterday I got my email reminder about the MORE half marathon in NYC for women only. And I signed up.  I dont even think I realized what I was doing until they charged me the entrance fee and I printed out a training schedule.  13 miles?  Seriously?  Thats about 6.5 times as much as I can currently run, and thats on a good day.  Anyways, my training actually started last week and I have been running between 2-3 miles at least 4 times a week.  This weekend brings on the 4 mile run, which I plan to do in Central Park with my best friend's other best friend Lisa (confusing, I know).  I am praying that the running gods support my fat ass and dont let me pass out mid run.  I will update on my training status as we move towards the big April 3rd date...wish me luck!

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