Friday, August 19, 2011


This past week there were a series of events popping up all over the country, in honor of one great movie, The Big Lebowski.  When first released, it bought in a measly 17.5M- but not long after, the movie became a cult classic and one of my all time favorites.  So happy weekend to you all...I plan on relaxing on my "rug that ties the room together", sipping on a White Russian (a Caucasian as they call it in the film) and watching for the 25th time the character so lovingly called "the dude" work his magic.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lone Wolf [i will be this day]

catch it people- Missoni for Target is launching Sept 13th.  I will be in Miami that day, so FML.  However, when i return that evening, you betcha my first stop will be 25 minutes west of my house to the "good" target at the Willowbrook Mall.  I dont care if you walk with a cane/ have babies in tow/or if you are just plain walking too slow, i will shove you down and fight for some of these amazing items that are only available until Oct.  Most coveted, the tableware (shown below) for my dining room and some cute lamps to jazz up the office and guest room.  Anyone want to join my team and help me shop?  I promise I will let you keep something small.

Casually strolling down "the hill"

Last weekend the husband and his siblings threw a surprise 60th bday party for their father.  It was a nice little gathering with about 30 adults and way too many kids up in Worcester MA...

setting up for the party...Jaime, Ed, the husband, Cousin Annie
 Look at his face. Not sure if he is surprised or about to go all postal on us.

Could have been because he saw this...a nice little slideshow that Gwen and I put together with photos from when he was a baby, all the way up through now.

Our goddaughter Savhannah.  Trouble maker.

Checking out his gnome Boston cream cake.  Best. cake. ever- props to jaime

Nothing like forcing him to take a pic with us!

My nephew locking me out from the patio.  Such a sweet 4 year old. 

The husband making a nice little speech about his old man.  He broke out the purple for this party, so you know it was awesome.

Jaime's friends, who gifted the old man some depends, in the case he has an accident

The husband and I after 4-5 cocktails, circa 630pm.

The Santagate clan.  Looks like a crayola crayon box with all those colors.

Clearly they are sober...dancing the night away to some oldies tunes before heading back home to the fire pit for some more good times.  Happy Birthday John!

Return of the Pointy Toe

Enter my outfit for the next 4 months...or well, until it snows, and even then I will probably bust these out anyway:

They say pointy toe'd shoes make your legs look longer and leaner and who isnt all for that?  I am already embracing this and bringing back out my pointy toes from years past.  Kitten heels included.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Channeling Pinterest

Still obsessed with Pinterest- it really is a great way to take my mind off of work for 20 minutes each day.  Such lovely photos.  PS- going to get a new little hairstyle today...can you tell by some of these below that my mind is completely torn on what to do?

Still Gorgeous

Images from Kate Moss's wedding to Jamie Hince.  Still so gorgeous:

Monday, August 8, 2011

[new] sectional

here she is in all her glory!

Yes, I know the wall photos behind it are totally off centered, we are working on that next weekend.  The husband will also be creating a DIY coffee table made from iron casters and reclaimed wood.  TGHH (thank god hes handy). Once thats in place, the cowhide rug will go back to the center of the room, instead of being shoved into a corner, where it currently resides.   I also need to reupholster the wing back chair, and add a light source to the far side of the room (just ordered an arc lamp, arriving by Friday so problem solved actually).  Finally feels like the room is coming together!   

Fireplace finished (for now)

The fireplace/mantle are finished.  Took me 2 weekends to get it done but now we have crossed the finish line and thats all I have to say about that.  Take a look!

Oh and whats that above you say?  our new sectional!  Best.idea.ever.  This thing is like 3 beds lined up together and yes, I have already fallen asleep in the corner and its only been here for 3 days.  But lets take a look at where i started from...white paint, yes i started with painting the fireplace white...

and i hated it.  It really washed out the room and made the mantle disappear into the wall.  So i opted for satin black paint with a top coat of chalkboard paint- because thats just how I roll. And for all of you thinking that I am an idiot for painting the inside of the fireplace as well- I used heat resistant paint inside there, so unless our fire gets hotter than 4000 degrees, we will be all set!

That Time We went to Block Island...

Once upon a time we went to visit our friends Justin and Mariah in Dighton MA.  We celebrated Justin's birthday with custom shirts and fried egg cheeseburgers, traveled to Block Island where we went to the beach and ate pizza at the best place on earth and shopped and had drinks to live music and met a man with a ripped shirt and short shorts and took the ferry home to find our car had got shit on by every bird in RI and so we drove home and sat by the fire and a huge bug got caught in my hair and the husband wouldnt get it out and we stayed up until the sun was rising the end.