Monday, November 29, 2010


Where Did You Get That is one of the 10 or so blogs I read every single morning when I wake up.  Karen Blanchard, the Brit behind this blog, shows off some amazing and fashion forward looks and shows off the trends before they are trends.  Her Balmain-like capes and thrift-store finds from old doc martens and fedoras to long gowns always pop up on a variety of sites and after following her consistently for almost 2 years, I can absolutely vouch that her blog is the place to be if you are looking to find out what will be hot in 6 months.

Nobody Does It Better

We Made It!

We made it out alive, barely.  After cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 15 and 4 days of house guests, the husband and I were elated to spend last night on our respective couches watching football and drinking wine.  Overall, the dinner went off without a hitch (minus the ridiculous amount of family members who thought it was a good idea to just stand in the middle of our small kitchen while we were trying to cook).  I had to instill a one in- one out policy to control the madness.  In other unrelated news, the pup has gained 2 lbs since his surgery and is having a bitch of a time trying to hop up onto anything because he doesnt realize how fat he is all of a sudden.  The chunkster cant even make it up the stairs without falling and stopping for a rest halfway up.  So pupster and I will be sweating it to the 80s tonight, to work off the pumpkin pie we stuffed ourselves with this weekend. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trukey Day and a slight update on where I have been

Hi All- its been a while and to be honest, I sort of forgot about this blog for a little bit because my head was full of other random things like the house, the pup and his kidney stones, my big 29th birthday that is coming up and the stressful situation that is 13 people coming to our home for Thanksgiving and the scary realization that I have never cooked a 26lb turkey before, or even a whole chicken for that matter.  We have been busy over here, raking leaves into piles that get blown around 3 minutes later, ponying up some hard earned money to take the enormous kidney stones out of our tiny pup and rearranging furniture until I am happy.  The house is finally coming along and the decor is all starting to make sense.  The husband and the pup are both growing into their "man stages" which basically means they are gaining weight at incredible rates of speed. I will post soon after the holiday with the success of my first hosting gig, but in the meantime i leave you with this to ponder- is it "high chair" or "height chair"????