Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bare and Natural

I am totally into earthy tones- browns, grays,whites, golds- lately.  I especially love the look of rustic floors in every room of the house.  As we are working on finishing up our home office, I have been going back and forth on whether or not to paint the floors white. Every few hours I get major anxiety and wonder if I am making the right choice. 

Although- its too late now.  The Husband put on the primer last night, so really there is no turning back...

This kitchen (below) is a top 5'er.

Monday, July 26, 2010


These shoes.  Good God these badboys are tugging on my heart strings. Gray wedges are hard to come by.  But suede gray wedges....a real steal at this price.  Currently fishing my credit card out of my wallet and purchasing these tasty little f'ers for myself.  Happy early birthday to me!

They can be found HERE!!!!

p.s. by happy early birthday I mean that as just an excuse to by something nice.  It was love at first site.  Cant turn that down.


Every few weeks I catch up on one of my favorite fashion blogs- My Daily Style.  I love the looks that she comes up with, pairing old treasures with new finds- anywhere from H&M and Mango and top notch designers.  She is always on target and really inspires me to be more bold in the way I dress.  Being European, she has an obvious advantage on us poor souls here in the US though.  Loving her looks below...and then of course my take on her looks with pieces I have found for sale currently (that topshop shirt is absolutely coming to Europe with me in 37 days!

Topshop Scores:

My new favorite Ebay Store- Sisters of the Black Moon and some finds:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Have you heard

About this new blog...Deco My Place?  It basically lets people upload photos of the interior of their homes.. and others can comment or get inspiration from the photos.  This is my dream come true- as I love taking a peak into other peoples homes to see what sort of ideas they have come up with. Check it out HERE!

Big things coming

This weekend the husband and I are undertaking a little project I like to call operation "make my office not so ugly".  It will begin with us moving all the furniture out of our office, and ripping up the carpet to bring light to the hardwood floors, which we will then paint white.  The space will be bright, modern, airy and rustic, all at the same time.  I will post some photos of the process, but these below really show how I am feeling right now ) and of course loving the gray, browns and white floors!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Visitors Welcome

This weekend my lovely parents are coming to visit.  And by this weekend, I mean they are showing up on our doorstep by 11am Friday morning.  Apparently SOME people dont work on Fridays (I kid, I kid).  Because they were showing up so early and because I typically role out of bed and start functioning around 830am, today I had to wake up super early (8am) and get to work, so that I was done when they got here.  So I do some work, shower, and run downstairs to eat some Special K cereal.  Its a new box, so I try and open up the plastic bag inside the cardboard.  Thing is not only child proof, apparently its idiot proof because I cannot open it.  I pull as hard as I can, and the whole bag rips in two, cereal spills all over the floor and all inside the cereal box.  FML.  Why arent those damn bags ziplocked?  It would really make life so much easier.  So, in honor of my parents coming, I decided to make a little list of other things from the past week that have really gotten on my nerves:

1.) Traffic in the Lincoln tunnel at 930pm on a Thursday night DUE TO CONSTRUCTION.  Why cant NY figure out that people are still leaving work then?  It took me an hour to get home (I live 12 miles away)

2.)My vacuum cleaner.  I hate it.  It sucks, well no, problem is it doesnt suck at all.  It sucks in and then proceeds to spit out every piece of dirt, dog fur or grass that we track into our house. 

3.) Jet Blue Planes- Although their service is top notch, I hate their seats.  Most uncomfortable seats ever

4.) The idiot house cleaning lady in SF who decided to bang down my door at 6am last Friday morning, which was exactly 4 hours after I got in from a night full of 7 bars and many more cocktails with my friend Melissa.  When i opened the door, shaking from the alcohol withdrawal and visible shocked that someone was banging on my door so early, she blinked fast and said "sorry, wrong room".  I wanted to punch her teeth out.

5.)Stabbing myself in the eye with my mascara.  I do this weekly.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chair Found

So I found a chair, on craigslist of course (you all know how I have been shopping on the cheap since day one of moving into the new home) and i think its really cute- well, it will be really cute once i get the badboy reupholstered.  Its an old chair, with lots of memories Im sure.  The husband has already tested it out, decided he likes it, and told me that he will be moving it in front of the tv so he can have a man chair, so long as we change the fabric (this is the same man who told me 2 weeks ago that "no, we did not need more furniture").

So here she is, in all her floral glory. 

The floral really isnt our style, I am thinking more along the lines of the below patterns:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Greetings from Broad St

A few quick peaks into some of the decor in our home. As noted many times before, it's coming along, but very slowly.  Enjoy!

The Living Room- aside from some missing curtains, its the one room in the house that is done!


Above- shots from our living room- complete with our 1723 map of Boston and my ORK! poster of NYC.  Just need one more piece of art for the wall to the left of the ORK!.  Etsy here I come.  You can also see my new chevron rug- I LOVE this and I am so happy I purchased it (complete with 20% off coupon)- oh and my white resin deer head from Z Gallerie! And of course, John's 50" flat screen that hangs above the fireplace- his pride and joy!

Also- few shots of my closet from when we first moved in.  Its still a work in progress but at least now I have my shoes all lined up! Apologies for the mismatched hangers, they are the least of my concerns.

Countdown has begun

In less than 2 months we leave for the Europe Vacation.  Yes, the vacation that we have been planning with our friends for over a year- the one we have been talking about for 2 years and the one we thought we would never get to go on.  I could not be more excited even if the thought of living out of a backpack for 18 days scares me!  The countdown is on people!


These photos are helping along my obsession with flared denim.  And I just happened to like the orange pants.  I could never pull them off, but I like them.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arm Chair Delight

I have been on the search for a new armchair for our living room for quite some time now and of course, all the ones I found were well over $1,000- which is about $800 over the budget I had in mind.  But- I didnt want to just go and purchase a cheap one from IKEA.  Here are some chairs that I am loving...the search continues!

Can you tell that I just LOVE color?  If I could live in a white black and gray world, I would.  I know people say that bright colors cheer them up but really they hurt my eyes and confuse me.  Ill update you with my chair finds soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I cant stop

Thinking about ripping out my kitchen cabinets and putting up open shelving.  I just feel like it would make the space seem so much bigger and this way I would be able to display all my plates/bowls/pitchers/platters from our wedding that are currently down in boxes in the basement. 

Anyways- I am in California all week for work and also visiting with my good old girlfriend Melissa while I am in San Francisco.  SF is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities- small and quaint with a big city feel and so clean! Be back next week!