Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Style Icon

Came across a fresh new fashion blog and I cannot stop looking at these amazing outfits that the author throws together.  I have been feeling a bit challenged lately in the fashion department (i.e im feeling like all my clothes suck) but now I am feeling empowered and inspired to take on some new risks...check it out for yourself at Atlantic-Pacific blog.

like rocking some fabulous accessories in the form of pearls and vests:

Or busting out the animal prints and pairing with my new leather shorts:

neon colors?  Sold for $10! What is better than a neutral maxi with neon jacket, cuff and lips:

plaid isnt just for farmers in Idaho anymore- just have to dress them up with some pop of color shoes:

fur? black and brown and plaid and chanel?  I think i just may:

Totally blushed out- light pink jacket/shorts/shoes and lips.  Perfect for an afternoon in the sun: 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Eye Candy

All From Pinterest, my newest obsession- that is getting slightly out of control.  Lastly, I give you Boo, the facebook wonder of a dog who struts his stuff around in ridiculous clothing, provided by his owner (the human as he so lovingly calls her):

I have considered starting a FB page dedicated to our pup, who is cuter than Boo on a good day and has a far more refined personality...but since I cannot even keep up with this blog lately, I gave up the idea and honestly, I dont want to get into a war of the dogs.