Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dwell Spring 2011

I am loving the Dwell Studios Spring 2011 line of bedding- my favorites are the stripes by far!  It would look perfect against our rustic door headboard and matte black wall!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black is the new Whack

As previously noted in my kitchen post...I have another small project I will be tackling just as soon as I can convert the husband to love the color black.  See, I love black.  My closet is full of black clothes and shoes, and I love using black to decorate my house.  I have been seeing photos of black interior doors around the blog world lately and I really love the way they look.  Polished and clean, yet different from the boring old white doors everyone else has in their homes.  The husband said no way, black is not for inside a home.  I disagree strongly though and think that these photos show how much potential this idea of mine has:

Come ON man!  These look so good!  So, my idea is actually to paint the interior kitchen door black, along with the door to the half bathroom that is right off the kitchen.  I think it would look so good...and I am going to annoy the hell out of the husband until he gives me the green light to buy black paint and work my magic.

Boring ivory or black and beautiful (jeesh that sounds like an ad for a bi-racial dating service)!  Ill update later on my "project paint the door black" progress.

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright!

Back in October we took a little trip to San Antonio Texas to visit my brother (read: second favorite child) and his girlfriend.  We traveled out there with my parents (who are very experienced fliers) for a 4 day visit in warmer weather.  We arrived on a Friday in the afternoon and upon landing, my phone begin ringing off the hook with a NJ number I didnt recognize.  I answer, and its "Doggie Paradise", the place we send the pup to when we go away.  "Did you know your dog is peeing blood?" the woman asks me?  My obvious answer is no, because that would be a bit alarming.  "Well, we are going to take him to the vet and get checked out because this could be serious."  Great news...poor pup pup is all alone, peeing blood, and on his way to the vet.  I am immediately flooded with guilt over being 2,000 miles away and my mind is consumed with thoughts of doggie estrangement from his parents.  The pup ended up having bladder stones (yes, seriously WTF) and we had to get surgery for him at the tune of 4x what it cost to buy him.  But now he is fine so lets just end that story.

Anyways- we did alot in Texas...ate, drank, slept, walked, ate, drank, drank more and danced.  Its like there is so much great food in San Antonio that we ate like it was going out of style.  Thankfully I packed stretchy pants to take care of that problem.  We visited the San Antonio Zoo, and went to some weird Western Days festival where the husband got arrested (for fake and yes, I arranged it all).  We also hit up this amazing spot in the middle of nowhere called Texas Price BBQ.  I know, it sounds like massive gay bar but its not...its actually a huge BBQ place with live bands and dancing.  It was love at first site...especially when we pulled in to the lot and a woman on a horse directed us to a parking spot.  Holler...I love Texas. Below are some photos of our trip...only 4 months later:

 The critters (mom, dad, ben and his gf Kiley) outside of their critter corral
 Dad looking at old tools and guns. surprise surprise.
 More critters. 
 Me and some sort of nasty pig type animal.  My favorite were the alpacas, which they had for sale but unfortunately mister alpaca wouldnt fit into our rental car
 mom and dad look like they are on a first date
 mom with a fake horse.  Thank god someone likes to take stupid pics like I do!
 The sick dude who "arrested" the husband
 ahaha the husband in jail.  Thats what happens when you were bright green plaid to the wild west!
 Best burger I have had in my life.  the fries werent bad either.
 me outside of Texas Pride BBQ.  The party room is to the left
 the husband likes to pose with old gasoline pumps
 Who's a happy camper with her mac & cheese and pulled pork?  This girl.
 The live band on the huge stage
 brother, sister and the husband.  totally sober.
This was in some Mexican alleyway...right before we had more Mexican food.

New Kitchen ALERT!!

Oh snap, the kitchen is finally done.  Well, almost.  I still have to paint all of the trim white (right now its ivory) and I also have another little project up my sleeve that I will talk about later. But for now...look at my new kitchen! 
It looks fabulous!  Let us recall the state the kitchen was in when we moved into our home:

Remember the dark dingy cabinets and the PINK formica countertop and the lovely greenish yellow appliances from circa 1965 that didn't quite work?  ALL GONE! It was quite a long process and I am not going to lie, there were more hiccups along the way than we ever expected (read: going 3 weeks without a kitchen sink or oven meant eating sandwiches every day and takeout every night).  We did almost all the work ourselves though and I think the finished product is a pretty great reveal.  Who knew the husband was so handy?

Kitchen in progress- this photo was taken as the husband was ripping off the formica which was glued and nailed down like it was no one's business.  Those big holes in the wall are where the formica broke through the drywall.  awesome.

 Above is where the sink should be...

And below is where the oven should be.  See the little note on the wall?  we signed our names in a heart and then the husband drew a picture of the pup too...future owners of this house will probably think we were caveman with the quality of this drawing...
New Sink! So fresh and so clean!
 Check out that backsplash tile work!  After hemming and hawing (sp?) for about a week we decided on white subway tiles...mostly because they were cheap and I am obsessed with everything white.  The husband installed these himself!

Below...the tile work and new windowsill that my Dad and John worked on...and then I damaged when the f*#@&^! blinds fell and put a huge gash in the wood work.  and HOOOO is that little man in the corner on the windowsill?  Why its a rock painted like an owl that my mother gave me for xmas.  Not sure if she bought it as a joke gift but I happen to love it (and all owls).

Above is more tile work photos and then an overview shot of the kitchen.  Love the light, hate the clock on the wall.  The original clock I purchased was awesome but didnt fit in the space so this is being hung here until I find a replacement.  Oh and the weird object on the counter is a sweet potato that I forgot to move during photos.  Deal with it people.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On My Mind Right Now

  • The state of the union address is totally boring and its throwing off my typical tv schedule
  • I do not want to finish this presentation i am working on
  • I better have some good plans for Valentines Day- a surprise would be nice
  • My blackberry is not working and it will suck if I have to get a new one
  • I wonder how much snow we will get tomorrow
  • I am so sick of winter and it has so far to go
  • Why is the dog staring at me
  • I could really go for a popsicle right now- more specifically, a fudgicle
  • "no student left behind" seems pretty dumb to me- why cant student fail if they dont do the work?
  • I wonder how many snickerdoodle cookies i can eat before the husband notices there are some missing
  • I am so tired from waking up at 7am today- I dont know how people get up so early every day
  • I love how now there is a tuition tax credit for college.  How about a fucking tax credit for the loans I will be paying back for another 10 years
  • Remind me never to watch Obama again he is making me ill
  • Can i spray paint a deer antler white?
  • I need a new closet system for my shoes asap
  • Tomorrow for lunch i am totally having a cobb salad with chicken
  • DCT get better soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch Break!

Check out these amazing images (the first one is just to entertain me while I take my lunch break):

2011 Resolutions

Every year we all make resolutions and every year we all (at least I) break mine within a month or so of the new year starting.  Well not this year folks.  Prior to the holidays, I applied to run in the NYC annual half marathon in March with a few friends.  Due to the large amount of applicants, none of us got accepted and we were a bit bummed, and then slightly relieved that the next 3 months of my life wouldnt be filled up with nightmares about running 13 miles.  Then yesterday I got my email reminder about the MORE half marathon in NYC for women only. And I signed up.  I dont even think I realized what I was doing until they charged me the entrance fee and I printed out a training schedule.  13 miles?  Seriously?  Thats about 6.5 times as much as I can currently run, and thats on a good day.  Anyways, my training actually started last week and I have been running between 2-3 miles at least 4 times a week.  This weekend brings on the 4 mile run, which I plan to do in Central Park with my best friend's other best friend Lisa (confusing, I know).  I am praying that the running gods support my fat ass and dont let me pass out mid run.  I will update on my training status as we move towards the big April 3rd date...wish me luck!

Monday, January 10, 2011

FML...the steal of a lifetime just got away

All day long I read blogs and see posts about how my very fortunate blog friends across the country come across some amazing finds while they are out thrifting/ hunting for treasures.  I, on the other hand, visit thrift stores at least 2-4 times a month and never find anything valuable, or cute, or even worth the cheap prices they are listed at.  So boy was I surprised when out of the blue, a mid century dresser popped up in my neighborhood for free, and then broke my heart into a million pieces.  It went down like this.  The husband and I sleep in late, have delicious omelets for breakfast and then decide to hit up Target for some coat hangers.  I know, I know, so exciting you cant even bear it.  Anyways, on the way home, we saddle up next to a nice look dresser while stopped at a light.  I mean this sucker is just sitting there on the side of the road, ankle deep in snow and he is calling my name.  I do a double take, and exclaim out loud "I think thats a middle century dresser!" The husband turns to look at me, disgusted, and claims he pointed out this large piece of furniture on our way to Target.  Apparently I had blocked him out ( this happens ALL the time and I just dont know why GASP!).  We turn around, pull over and I cross traffic to get a better look at the front of the dresser.  Its perfect in every way.  Taped shut so the drawers dont fall out, not showing any signs of stains or really is a once in a lifetime find, right there on Passaic Ave.  I close my eyes and immediately fantasize about shoving all my clothes into the drawers and having an intimate relationship with the dresser.  So then the husband rumbles out of the car, takes one look at the dresser, again looks disgusted (he doesnt understand the worth of mid century modern furniture, nonetheless the practicality).  He then bends down to lift and awww shit- its a heavy one.  I dont mean a little cushion for the pushin, I mean certifiably dead weight heavy.  He tells me he cannot lift this alone into the car, and tells me I will not be able to left it to help.  I imagine a clone of the husband appearing to help, but then of course life couldnt be so easy.  So we drive away, while I chatter on about how we could pretty that baby up and sell it for at least $300-if not more.  I admit to the husband that I will not be able to stop thinking about this dresser and he recommends we go back "under the cover of darkness" to claim it.  I consider, but than realize there is no way in hell we will be able to lift it.  I am sad and angry and jealous all at the same time.  Why am I not stronger?  Why cant we have two very strong friends that could just surprise me with the dresser while Im working from home in pajamas?  Why does deli meat go bad so quickly? Sometimes life really does just F you over.

He looks just like this.  He would sell for alot, just like this one did.  He is still there, on the side of the road today.  I know, because I drove 10 minutes out of my way to check and again see if there was a chance I could lift him.  Maybe if we take the drawers out we could lift it?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Master Bedroom [ in progress]

Have I ever showed you photos of our master bedroom?  I think not.  I came across the great idea over a year ago to for go the traditional boring headboard and opt for something a bit more eclectic.  When I initially introduced the door headboard to the husband, he looked at me like I was smoking something.  Maybe I was, but thats beside the point. Cut to two days later, he is hauling an old beat up door down our block and into our driveway.  The lead paint chips were a dead giveaway that this baby was a keeper.  When we moved into our home, our old neighbors brought the door over and the husband got to work sanding away all the layers (about 5) of paint from years of use.  He finally got down to almost bare wood on one side, but we decided that we liked the aged/ multi colored look of the backside better.  So he used a crackled white primer over the top of all the paint colors and voila! it was time to hang this bad boy up.  Low and behold...our bed headboard.  We havent done anything else to the master yet, with exception to removing the redonkulous fluorescent light fixtures from the ceiling and hanging a more girlie chandelier (that will probably be replaced by the time you read this because I am semi over it). 

As I was scowering (is that even a word?) through the blog world today I came across some other lovely little photos

 Look at all those stairs and cool hiding places!

 Not sure who Otto is but he has a dope room that is totally hippie!

Love the hanging lamp...very similar to the IKEA version hanging in our NEW KITCHEN!!!  Buh-dum bum cha!  Thats right, we have a whole spanking new kitchen.  Will post pics shortly, once the husband cleans up all his crap. Happy weekend to everyone!