Friday, January 7, 2011

Master Bedroom [ in progress]

Have I ever showed you photos of our master bedroom?  I think not.  I came across the great idea over a year ago to for go the traditional boring headboard and opt for something a bit more eclectic.  When I initially introduced the door headboard to the husband, he looked at me like I was smoking something.  Maybe I was, but thats beside the point. Cut to two days later, he is hauling an old beat up door down our block and into our driveway.  The lead paint chips were a dead giveaway that this baby was a keeper.  When we moved into our home, our old neighbors brought the door over and the husband got to work sanding away all the layers (about 5) of paint from years of use.  He finally got down to almost bare wood on one side, but we decided that we liked the aged/ multi colored look of the backside better.  So he used a crackled white primer over the top of all the paint colors and voila! it was time to hang this bad boy up.  Low and behold...our bed headboard.  We havent done anything else to the master yet, with exception to removing the redonkulous fluorescent light fixtures from the ceiling and hanging a more girlie chandelier (that will probably be replaced by the time you read this because I am semi over it). 

As I was scowering (is that even a word?) through the blog world today I came across some other lovely little photos

 Look at all those stairs and cool hiding places!

 Not sure who Otto is but he has a dope room that is totally hippie!

Love the hanging lamp...very similar to the IKEA version hanging in our NEW KITCHEN!!!  Buh-dum bum cha!  Thats right, we have a whole spanking new kitchen.  Will post pics shortly, once the husband cleans up all his crap. Happy weekend to everyone!

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