Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Words to live by

It is a new day and two days ago I started a new job! Lots of new things going on here with the NJ clan. Best part of this new job? it allows me to work from home, which will be a nice perk (I can close my eyes and just picture myself taking conference calls while laying in the sun or redecorating a room). Yay for me!

Before and After Masterpiece

This is something I want hanging over my new dining room table. It is amazing what a few cans of red spray paint can do for a cheap find on etsy!

via Which is one of my favorite design blogs ever.

Big News update

So a few weeks back I mentioned that the husband and I had some big news to share and of course everyone who actually reads this blog immediately thought that we were pregnant and got mad we didnt tell them...well we had to let them down and tell them no we are NOT pregnant, but we are buying our first home! After almost a year of searching and over 60 houses looked at, we found the little house of our dreams. 3 bedrooms, a fireplace and a huge yard- we couldnt ask for more. So, in a few short days, we will be closing and then a few short days after that- we will be moving in! Its very crazy how this whole process goes so fast and then you wait around for weeks, and then it moves so fast again. Then you hand over the big down payment check and get sick to your stomach and realize there is no turning back.

Anyways- we are very excited and I of course have a million and one ideas of how to make this house a home for us and our little pup Barkley. We have some minor renovations to do (ripping up some carpet- i hate carpet- and refinishing the hardwoods we found underneath, and then of course we are painting all the walls and even using wallpaper on one (gasp!). So this blog will most likely turn into our little home renovation blog for the next few months, if not longer. Hope you will all come along the ride.


I checked out some of the Liberty of London goods at Target the other day with the husband (well, lets be honest here, he actually just kept walking while I stopped to browse) and I was pretty excited about what I saw. I sort of felt like their dresses only look cute on mannequins- the fabric isnt really the flowiest or softest, but I guess the overall look works. But- their home decor is amazing. The pillows, coffee mugs and accessories are to die for and I cannot wait to scoff some up for the new place.

White everywhere

Loving everything about this but especially the shoes wrapped up over the oh so perfect shade of light denim jeans.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new hobby alert

Yes kids thats right, I have taken up boxing. And not only have I taken up boxing, but I have also gone to two pilates classes in the past two weeks. Yes, you read that correctly, I am being active. Every spring I tell myself I am going to get in shape for summer so I can look close to good next to all those spray tanned Jersey people at the shore; and every summer comes and I am sill in the same sad shape I was back in February. So, this year I decided I was actually going to get off my ass and make some moves. Case in point- boxing. The photo above shows a typical boxing ring in a typical boxing gym. The gym I chose? Much dirtier, darker and I can guarantee that my gym smells worse (something similar to men's body odor, sweat and bleach mixed together. ok, back to the story- so we (me and two coworkers) start taking group training sessions with Darryl. Darryl (i have no idea how to spell this man's name) is approximately 5'6'' tall, walks with a limp like he has a bad hip, and has two pinky fingers that are always curled down (possibly a boxing injury but I am afraid to ask). so basically, when he says "hi five", he really means "high four". But I love Darryl, because he tells us he is proud and can see improvement in our jabs, and our speed bag punches. So its been almost two weeks and I think boxing rules. We are definitely the only girls at the place- well thats a lie but the other girls could bench press Darryl x 2 and then eat a small child- but everyone is so nice and willing to help us get in shape and learn the basics of defending ourselves. So the moral of the story is, you dont need a sparkling clean gym with brand new machines to get in shape. What you really need is the simple motivation of friends to meet you at the gym, and a nice little trainer who will hit you in the face if you dont keep your hands up to protect yourself. I can already feel my love handles disappearing, and its FANTASTIC.

Spot on for spring

Slightly (okay too much so) obsessed with my new favorite go to blog for fashion, My Daily Style. I want this dress, and over the past three days I have fought myself on reasons not to buy it (save money for more important things, like food, water and bus passes) but I think that I may have to make this purchase, its just too perfect to pass up. I already know what shoes, tights and jacket I will wear with it, so really, this is just a finishing touch to an outfit I already have (at least thats what I am telling myself). Dress can be found here. Now I need to find a way to sneak this past the husband.

Turquoise and Red, I think I might!

katie ridder


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Summer where are you?

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tomorow (March 3rd) is my Dad's birthday. I wish I was closer to him so I could go and share a nice big piece of birthday cake (with ice cream on the side) and help celebrate, but unfortunately the 5 hour car ride and the fact that I have to actually work tomorow are keeping my ass in Jersey. So I will just give a little toast to him from afar. And since I cant actually see him on his big day, I thought I would list a few fun facts about my Dad:
1.) He's a ninja. Seriously. He used to practice karate and now he's a real ninja.
2.) He drives a truck, used to drive a soft top red jeep, and loves the Grateful Dead. In fact, when I was a little kid he stuck a Gratefully Dead sticker with bears on our minivan.
3.) People call him Duck. Always have and probably always will. I dont know why though, since his name is Paul and Duck just doesnt make any sense.
4.) He's really tall and has a bad back. I inherited both of these from him.
5.) He owns some cool guns and even lets me shoot them on occasion.
6.) He plays the banjo and the clarinet, and this scares the hell out of his grand-dog Barkley.
7.) He is the most level headed and calm person I know. I think maybe 1 oz of this rubbed off on me, but luckily I can always call him for reassurance.
I hope your birthday is a great one Dad, thank you for all you do. I love you!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Favorite Design Blog- check it out! Her name is Lauren (best name ever) and she lives in or near Virginia with her adorable little family. She only just started out in interior design but take a look at her wont be disappointed!
I have some newsssssss BIG news. I cant tell you just yet what it is but I promise to soon! EEEEKKK!

For now, some pretty pictures from a few of my favorite new design blogs....

I really dig Diane Kruger's cropped trousers...

But I think I will settle for the mor fitted, less baggy crotch version, sort of like the above!

NYFW Faves

Liu Wen
Snejana Onopka
Erin Wasson for RVCA
Michael Kors