Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black is the new Whack

As previously noted in my kitchen post...I have another small project I will be tackling just as soon as I can convert the husband to love the color black.  See, I love black.  My closet is full of black clothes and shoes, and I love using black to decorate my house.  I have been seeing photos of black interior doors around the blog world lately and I really love the way they look.  Polished and clean, yet different from the boring old white doors everyone else has in their homes.  The husband said no way, black is not for inside a home.  I disagree strongly though and think that these photos show how much potential this idea of mine has:

Come ON man!  These look so good!  So, my idea is actually to paint the interior kitchen door black, along with the door to the half bathroom that is right off the kitchen.  I think it would look so good...and I am going to annoy the hell out of the husband until he gives me the green light to buy black paint and work my magic.

Boring ivory or black and beautiful (jeesh that sounds like an ad for a bi-racial dating service)!  Ill update later on my "project paint the door black" progress.

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