Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Kitchen ALERT!!

Oh snap, the kitchen is finally done.  Well, almost.  I still have to paint all of the trim white (right now its ivory) and I also have another little project up my sleeve that I will talk about later. But for now...look at my new kitchen! 
It looks fabulous!  Let us recall the state the kitchen was in when we moved into our home:

Remember the dark dingy cabinets and the PINK formica countertop and the lovely greenish yellow appliances from circa 1965 that didn't quite work?  ALL GONE! It was quite a long process and I am not going to lie, there were more hiccups along the way than we ever expected (read: going 3 weeks without a kitchen sink or oven meant eating sandwiches every day and takeout every night).  We did almost all the work ourselves though and I think the finished product is a pretty great reveal.  Who knew the husband was so handy?

Kitchen in progress- this photo was taken as the husband was ripping off the formica which was glued and nailed down like it was no one's business.  Those big holes in the wall are where the formica broke through the drywall.  awesome.

 Above is where the sink should be...

And below is where the oven should be.  See the little note on the wall?  we signed our names in a heart and then the husband drew a picture of the pup too...future owners of this house will probably think we were caveman with the quality of this drawing...
New Sink! So fresh and so clean!
 Check out that backsplash tile work!  After hemming and hawing (sp?) for about a week we decided on white subway tiles...mostly because they were cheap and I am obsessed with everything white.  The husband installed these himself!

Below...the tile work and new windowsill that my Dad and John worked on...and then I damaged when the f*#@&^! blinds fell and put a huge gash in the wood work.  and HOOOO is that little man in the corner on the windowsill?  Why its a rock painted like an owl that my mother gave me for xmas.  Not sure if she bought it as a joke gift but I happen to love it (and all owls).

Above is more tile work photos and then an overview shot of the kitchen.  Love the light, hate the clock on the wall.  The original clock I purchased was awesome but didnt fit in the space so this is being hung here until I find a replacement.  Oh and the weird object on the counter is a sweet potato that I forgot to move during photos.  Deal with it people.

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