Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scenes from the West Village

If someone handed me a million dollars or so and told me I could choose any area of the city to live in, it would without a doubt be the West Village. There is just something about the brownstones on the tree-lined streets, the quaint wine bars and restaurants, and the artsy/eclectic vibe from the NYU students that gives the village the #1 spot on my list. Last weekend my college roommate (and one of my best friends whose wedding I featured here) came to visit with her husband and we took a little trip into the city, more specifically, the Village. We walked for a bit, grabbed a cocktail and watched some college football, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of one of my favorite places. Below are a few shots from our trip, before the rain cut it short.

Typical building on 7th ave. I actually loved that it said "duplex" in the window, and thats the reason for this photo

Cool mural from inside the bar we made a quick detour in. They made a killer bloody mary....too bad I dont remember the name of the place...

Photo taken because I love Marc Jacobs and this billboard stuck out so much in the gloomy haze of the rain

The roommate and I. Unfortunately you cant read my shirt, but it says "have a Coke and a smile". LOVE IT.

My husband alerted me to this painted sign outside a brownstone- saying how it would be a great photo for my blog. (Even though he denies reading the blog all the time). A simple statement that is pretty dead-on if you ask me.

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