Thursday, September 10, 2009

Payless? I think I will

Soo back when I was younger some of my most horrifying memories were of my mother dragging me into the local Payless Shoe Store to shop (while I did my best to not be recognized). Buying your "back to school" shoes there was definitely NOT something to brag about to your girlfriends. But recently, I feel like I have seen new, much hipper ad campaigns for Payless all over the city, so I decided to do some investigating and stumbled across these darling heels and boots. Who knew Payless had upped their "cool" factor?

I am slightly obsessed with the color gray. These would take a decent office outfit up a few notches to adorable
Purple is such a hot color for fall. I am envisioning these with a gray sweaterdress, cinched belt and black tights.
These boots are my favorite of the bunch. They are the epitomy of rocker chic, and I especially love that the heel is a bit shorter, so I am not towering over all my friends.

These little badboys are not from Payless but I wanted to share...I just stumbled across these on Zappos, fell madly in love and purchased them, all within 15 minutes. Let's hope they look as good in person as they do here

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