Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Le Vie Grand

Check out this New York Times article about Grand Marnier's new ad campaign that was published two days ago.

After closing my eyes and thinking about what living a grand life means to me, I began my search for the perfect photos to bring this to life. I think these photos do "le vie grand" quite a bit of justice.

The black and white stripes, the scarf, the hat, right down to the hair net all scream french chic

Nothing says French more than fishnets, red lips and a cigarette. Tres chic.

I think this is the perfect little outfit fora day trip around Paris

I haven't made it there yet...but my one day in Paris will include all of the above

I wonder if there is anything under this trench...

This is the ultimate! I love the velvet headboard and the oh so french inspired wall paper and the vintage chandelier, I could go on forever.

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