Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Football season has officially started. Aside from being a HUGE fan, here are a few tell tale signs that have clued me in:

1.) The husband has been checking our Direct TV subscription every day for the past two weeks to make sure we have NFL direct channels ready to go for Sunday

2.) Both me and the husband have double and triple checked our fantasy league starters, and have been trash talking each other since the fantasy draft. I am not so secretly hoping that every player he owns breaks a leg.

3.) A slight situation arose this morning, aka the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR. I come into the living room to see the husband standing in front of our 50 inch tv, pressing buttons frantically mumbling to himself. I ask what he is doing, and he waves his arms like a mad man, saying that "there is a problem with the sound, THERE IS NO SOUND". I tell him to calm down, and you would think I have just asked him to give up his first born son. (Note- it has already been decided by that if we have a son, he will pretty much come out of the womb with a football helmet on.) After swearing a bit more, he turned the tv back on and the sound was fine. He sat down with a huge sigh, relieved that his day hadnt been ruined.

4.) The first thing the husband did this morning when he woke up was put on his Dolphins jersey, and remind me that today he would do nothing more than watch football and eat.

5.) The husband just asked me to Google "infant football jerseys" because he would like to buy one for our dog.

6.) As I write this post, I am watching two games while simultaneously checking to see how both of my fantasy teams are doing.

7.) I am currently losing in both leagues and this has ruined my day. I am recrossing my fingers for those broken legs.

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