Tuesday, February 1, 2011

you fly i'll buy

Oh California...how I have missed you.  Everytime I come out here I dread going back home and wonder why we still live in the NE where 19 inches of snow in the forecast every other week ruins plans.  I woke up at 6am today (EST) to hop in a cab and run over to the wonderful place they call Laguardia Airport for my flight to SF (via Dallas) at 8am.  I was zonked out cold by 9am but awoke to a late landing time in Dallas and had to scoot through the airport and the shitty slow tram to another terminal like Macauley Culkin's family in the first Home Alone movie.  Embarrassing and not fun.  Thankfully i scuried to gate C14 just in time to see the lovely Rhonda and all her glory give me a thumbs up sign and tell me i "made good time getting here" as she shuffled me aboard my connecting flight and into a window seat with no one next to me.  I love Rhonda and Dallas TX.  Proves that there is some good in the world.  Now lets cross our fingers and hope for a safe return flight on Weds into the ice and snow and rain that is enveloping the NE.  Why dont we live in SF again?

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