Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  We had a great to see some friends and some family and took the husband to see some sights that NYC has to offer.  After a long day yesterday we headed out to a romantic dinner at the perfect little BYOB place and ate way too much food for my own good.  The husband surprised me with a VERY nice gift, something I honestly thought I would never even own so to say I feel so lucky is a complete understatement.  Tonight since the husband is at school I had a romantic date with the deli man at the grocery store who asked me "what my plans were later".  and he was covered in meat blood.  Awesome. 

Whose bigger? 

@ Ellis Island

Old luggage from immigrants @ Ellis Island

The Great Hall

Cityscape and the Husband

Flowers for Valentines Day from the best husband ever!

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  1. Your Hubby's Great Grandparents made their way through Ellis Island from Sicily. Not sure about Grampa, himself, tho. xoxo Great photos!