Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party Time

After almost a year of being in our first home, I am realizing that we have done so much work to every single room, except the master bedroom.  Most people would probably do this first upon moving in, but somewhere in the back of my mind I figured that since only the husband and I would be in there, it just wasn't priority.  Until now.  I can no longer look at the throw up colored walls and boring berber carpet, or the blank walls that are screaming at me to hang things on them.  I guess I was really putting this project off because "i change my mind alot" and didnt want to jump into a color scheme only to end up hating it 6 months later.  Once we get back from vacation, exciting things begin to happen.  My parents are coming down to visit so that my Dad can help John rip apart a wall that divides the dining and living rooms.  I will be getting quotes from contractors on the cost of renovating our non heated porch and making it an actual part of the house (a den? an office? mudroom? breakfast nook?).  So long as I can go outside in the winter and not lose a toe to hypothermia I will be happy.  And of course the master bedroom will be getting a major face lift, with new paint, decor, bedding, a cowhide rug (like I wasnt going to get one, come on people!) and GASP wallpaper.  If the samples arrive soon I may suck my mother into helping me hang this while they visit.  I feel like she is good at that sort of thing (i can feel her evil stare now because that is so not what she had in mind for visiting NJ).  Below are the wallpaper samples I ordered...what do you think?  1 and 2 are similar, just different colors and the patterns are different in size.  My favorite is the third, called "vitality" (ooooh).  It would go on the wall behind our headboard, and then the other three walls would be painted some shade of very pale blue/purple- very airy and light but still more interesting than plain old white.  What do you think?  Which is your fave?

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