Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation Time (almost)

Did I tell you that we were going on vacation?  Well we are, to Jamaica, on Friday!  I feel like I have been counting down the days in my head for 5 months and now it's finally (almost) here.  We leave at the ass crack of dawn on Friday morning and head down to Runaway Bay Jamaica for 5 days.  A short little vacation, but very much needed.  We are meeting our vacation friends Mariah and Justin down there.  Just for reference, Justin is the one who when we were all in Vegas drank too much, fell backwards and broke the dining chair and Mariah is the one who married him.  Mariah and I will be romancing the natives while the husband and Justin go searching for treasures.

Runaway Bay is actually right near Ocho Rios/ St Ann- about 90 minutes east of Montego Bay.  Should be an awesome shuttle ride to the hotel.  Ill be wearing pants with pockets so I can sneak aboard some of my favorite beer, Red Stripe.  Dont you love the hazy photo?  Thats quality blogging right there.

Jewel Dunn's River Resort...all inclusive, which means we will be drinking like feesh until Tuesday when we leave.  Eating will be good too...but I am really going for the beach and the booze.  

This is the boat I plan to dump the husbands passed out body in.  Kidding, kidding.  Maybe we will take it out for a little snorkel or something.

Miami Vice?  Sure why not?  Dirty banana?  Even better.  dirty bananas are good every time of day...I should know, I drank about 60 of them on our honeymoon in Jamaica 2.5 years ago.  For all of you with your mind in the gutter about the name...just stop it.  STOP IT!
Ill be back next week with what should be entertaining stories and photos to share with all!

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