Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calling all frosting

By now its no secret that I am training to run in a half marathon in early April in NYC.  Its also no secret that I am a huge fatty who loves anything with sugar listed as an ingredient.  Put the two together and you basically get a 29 year old running 4 miles a day and then coming home to rummage through the cupboards and shove anything that is remotely sweet into her mouth.  So today I was just popping around the blog world and I came across these photos from Forty Sixth at Grace and my mouth started watering.  And it wouldnt stop.  I now have a problem, I need that chocolate cake and until I get it, I will not sleep well.  Its sick really, and I blame it all on my dad.  He loves sweets just about as much as I do and one of my fondest memories was visiting Levitt's Bakery (Dad, I know you will say you never went there but we definitely did) and ordering Boston cream and jelly donuts and then sitting in his truck to eat them.  I know, the good times just keep rolling in the backwoods of NH.  So anyways, back to the chocolate cake, or really any cake, I want some, like now.  I figure if I keep running, i could probably live off of cookies, cake and pudding (they all have eggs and milk so I will get my daily nutrients).  This is all okay with me.  With the husband, not so much.  He would rather quench his dessert thirst with steak.  It must have been something in the water he drank growing up. 

I think some time ago I read about a cookie diet and how it actually worked (to make the person lose weight, and clog their arteries at the same time- oh how I love multitasking).  I would like to follow this diet.  Actually, I would like to come up with my own diet, as follows:

Monday B/L/D- chocolate lava cake.  are you kidding me?  this guy had me at hello.

Tuesday Brunch- stuffed cupcake- from the famous "stuffed cupcakes" in nutley NJ.  Its sort of like french toast which makes it okay to eat before noon....By the time my parents read this, they will be enjoying some that I sent their way as a late Vday gift.  Im sure they will thank me since they are going on a beach vacation in 45 days.  PS- when I tried one of these, it may have been the most enjoyable 12 seconds of my life.

 Tuesday Dinner- Boston Cream Pie - again, all thanks to my Dad.

Wednesday- humpday, which means I will eat as many cannolis as I can in a 24 hour period.  the original kind of course.

Thursday B/L- soft batch choc chip cookies.  to.die.for.

Thursday Dinner- a small little slice of red velvet cake. and a side order of ice cold milk.

Friday= Vienna Finger Day!  Who could possibly forget these delicious little bastards?  Dip them in choc milk and say a prayer people.

Saturday- oh you know, just some banana cream pie.  Its got bananas, so its healthy

Oh and Sunday- the grand finale...pepper jack cheese and sour dill pickles.  I know I know, we are a far stretch here from my sweet tooth dreams...but really- does it get any better than this? 

Now that we have gone through my dream diet and you all think I need professional help- i think its time to go.  Go eat a mini stuffed cupcake that is!

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