Monday, February 14, 2011

Black Back Door

Remember my post about painting the kitchen door black?  Well I got my project approved and did it and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I actually ended up using chalkboard paint, which left a very matte finish on the door and also allows children (and the husband) to write messages on it in chalk or the dirt on their fingers.  Check it out!

Progress shots...dont mind the dog leash in the background..I forgot to clean up before taking this shot.

Finished Product- from far away.  This is how it looks if you walk in the house and look back through to the kitchen
 And heres the view from inside the kitchen.  Next project is to get rid of that disgusting base board crap along the floor and replace it with molding to match the other rooms.  I really question the brain power of the people who used to live here and wonder why the hell they put some of this stuff in here.  Oh and my MADE BY GIRL "Hello" poster...he's going on the wall very soon too!

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