Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are landscapers

We ripped out the nasty office-type bushes that were half dead and ugly looking in the front of our house.  In classic fashion, I cannot find one photo of the outside of our house that shows these horrible bushes.  However, here is the after.  Sparse, brightly colored flowers/shrubs/plants that will grow much bigger and better than their current state.  We only planted these 3 weeks ago...so we have a ways to go.  (Update!  The japanese maples are starting bud...hallelujah!)

It does look sort of...empty.  But the plants we bought are going to grow to be 2-3 ft wide and at least 2 ft high, so it will fill in, even if it doesnt happen until next year.  On a brighter note, we have no idea what we planted, how it will fare in all day sunlight, and if it will come back again next year. 

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