Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Finally Here

Monday is D-Day for my best friend Jenn- as she is running the Boston Marathon!  I cant believe that someone with such little legs is going to run a whole 26.2 miles- its awesomely insane and I am so proud of her.  I wont be at the finish line but the husband and I are setting up camp in Wellesley, right around the 15 mile marker to cheer her on.  I still find it pretty amazing that people run this far and don't die.  Rewind 2 weeks, and check out the hot pics the husband took as I prepared for and successfully finished my first ever half marathon!

Lisa, Marybeth and I, before we lined up with the other 11,000 women running

holy crap thats alot of people

if you look close enough (bottom right hand corner) you can see my waving as Lisa and I run by the husband

Around mile 12- which also happened to be right when the migraine started...awesome.  I look like I want to throw up...and thats funny because...I did, about 35 minutes after this photo was taken.  I know, stay classy.

and off I go, running towards the finish.  Adrenaline pumping.

Yea woooo finished.  And never doing that again.

Done and not looking so happy.  head was pounding and I knew that the inevitable was coming...
Sucking down the gatorade, which quickly prompted me to boot all over Central Park.  Turns out I got a major migraine from not having enough sodium in my body and got super sick.  At least I finished and got a shiny medal though!

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