Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap

After all my traveling to the West Coast last week it was nice to be back home, relaxing, with no crazy plans for Easter Weekend.  The husband and I took advantage of our "down" time and the nice weather and got some major yard work completed.  Now we no longer look like we are bringing down the neighborhood on the "good" side of the street.  It rained on Saturday, so I went out and got some errands done, including getting a nice little Easter gift for the husband.  After I presented it to him (he actually looked in the trunk of the car and saw it before I could surprise him), he handed over to me a large Easter basket, filled to the rim with chocolate.  My first thought was, "wow, he really knows me" because he picked out all my favorites.  My second thought was, "is he trying to fatten me up to trade me in for a younger more fit model?"  Of course I realized that couldnt be the case, so I just went on my peppermint patty eating way.

So after putting away a massive amount of chocolate at 10am on Sunday morning, we headed outside to do some serious cleanup.  I played project manager while the husband mowed the lawn, raked, seeded and watered.  I did spray some weed killer on the sidewalk and also swept the front stairs.  I know, I know, all in a days work.  I wandered inside, cleaned up a bit and then realized I hadnt heard from the husband at all in about 10 minutes...so I crept outside to the garage and found him entangled in a loving embrace with the new love of his life....

Yes folks, thats a Harley.  And yes, we are now the proud parents of a Pomeranian AND a Harley.  The husband is obsessed with it.  He pets it, starts it up just to turn it back off, and I have found him staring at it more than a few times.  Good thing the neighbors are friendly, because this sucker purrs loud.  Looks like more trips to the beach are in store this year on our (I mean the husband's) pimp new ride.

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