Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come and Knock on my door

We are currently in the paint/clean up/freak out mode here about the state of the outside of our house.  Well I am.  I hate that the paint is faded and that the whole house needs a serious power wash.  I also cant stand the front door, with its weird glass pattern taken right out of the 90s and improperly installed frame.  Every time I walk through the door way my body cringes and I know that sooner or later, this door baby has to go.

We are going to paint the outside of our house- probably trade in the gray shutters for black ones and keep the rest of the house white.  Im sure it will look so much better with a fresh coat of paint.  But now I am turning my attention to the new front door (and storm door) that we are getting and of course we cant figure out what we want.  Initially I said I didnt want any windows, because when I am home alone, the last thing I want to see is someone creepin up to look into my home. We have large bay windows on either side of the door, so if I need to see who's a-knockin...I can look out the windows.  Now I am seeing some cute square-windowed doors that are speaking to me in a language of love and flirting with me...telling me they will match so well with my bay window panes.  Who knew doors could be so romantic.  But really, the biggest decision to come is what color the door will be.  I vote green, the husband, well he wants wood colored.  So I figured I would search around and get some inspiration that would hopefully help us both decide on a door that is welcoming, but not too far out there.

My favorite- the orange.  Maybe we will keep the gray shutters and do a pumpkin colored, orange door. Hat would make me VERY happy. 

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