Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Tour- Danielle Oakey Interiors

After catching up on my weekly reads over at Made By Girl, I stumbled across this wonderful little blog and was immediately hooked.  Sometimes I wander around and get bored by what I see or read, but I got hooked and literally spent over an hour of my morning looking at the beautiful interior of Danielle's home.  As a new homeowner, it is sometimes very easy to become overwhelmed when trying to design a space but it was refreshing to see that Danielle has incorporated many thrift store finds and cost efficient solves into her home's design.  Let's take a peak...

First up is the den/living room area...a mix of my two favorite colors blue/gray and yellows.  And how about that credenza?  Talk about a statement piece!

This area is glamorous by all accords...the mirrors and lighting are so charming 

The master bedroom...which Danielle completed for under $600!  Can you even believe it?  The headboard is so chic and the nightstands are from IKEA (after a fabulous renovation of course).  I love the idea of taking a simply piece like the Rast dresser from IKEA and turning it into something wonderful with a little paint, new knobs and dedication

Lastly- a quick look into her daughter's room.  It's adorable and playful, without being over the top girly.  Definitely something she can grow in to and will love for years to come.  Those stripes are just making me crazy, one day I will have the guts to paint some in my home...when the husband okays it that is.

Adorbs right?  I love her home, and I love that she did it all without breaking the bank!  Totally my style and this just gives me the boost I need to finish up on our master bedroom and some other side projects that have been on my mind for months.  And head on over to Danielle's Blog to check out her creative interior design work!

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