Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Saints Go Marching In...

Obsessed doesnt even come close to the amount of lust I have for these boots. I dont need them, but OMG do I want them. They are just so pretty to look at...all motorcycle and tassle and shiny leather and cool little strap under the perfect heighted heel. I swear I will eat Ramen Noodles and Pasta for the next two months just to save the money to buy these. The boots, and all other eye candy below, can be found Here. There stuff is so military yet girly. I am currently stalking the site to find out the exact location of the store in Berlin so I can visit it during our Europe trip mentioned here. I cant stop looking at those boots. Who ever said they dont believe in love at first site should probably skip on over to the website and take the plunge themselves.

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