Thursday, January 7, 2010

Locked and Loaded

So after 6 months of talking about Europe, fighting over which cities to visit, scowering websites for flights and fighting over which cities to visit some more, we have finally booked our "backpacking" trip to Europe! (I say "backpacking" because that is what it started as, but lets be honest, there is no way I am carrying a backpack for more than an hour at a time.) We will be heading out in August with my our friends Jenn and Adam for the big trip, and I couldnt be more excited to start planning! How much can I jam into a small backpack? How many sunglasses/hats/shoes/dresses/bathing suits are accceptable for a 17 day trip??? The husband is going to get angry, because although we are supposed to be saving money for the trip, all I can think about his how to spend money on things to bring with me. Here's a sneak peak of some of the places we will be visiting:



Germany. Who doesnt love a little beer?

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