Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beer Me

This past weekend I headed up to Boston to hit the Beer Summit with some college friends. It was, to say the least, an interesting experience. Starting to drink at 11am was never a good idea, not in college, and definitely not when you are 28.

Part of the crew. I dont know why this photo is SO bright

Lovely ladies. Mariah, Jan, Kate, Jenn and myself
These two. Where to start. First, I cant even tell you where this photo was taken. I think we shocked every person that was outside the beer summit by being semi drunk after 30 minutes of being there. These two yelled at me for not blogging about them, for not posting about them, and then for taking too long to take this picture. I swear, you just cant win. So, here are Jan and Mariah. Two of the funnest and funniest people I know. They look a little shell shocked, but maybe that was just the smell from the port-a-potties around the corner! Happy girls?

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  1. when do i get a shout out? lol....oh and i'm now "following" your blog :)