Monday, January 11, 2010

J to the P

For months now my best friend Jenn has been saying things to me like "do a post about me" and "Im your best friend and I get no blog love". Well Jenny P, it looks like today is your lucky day. Not only did you start your new amazing job, but you are being featured on my lovely little blog. Finding photos that captured Jenn and all her energy was tough- maybe because I know her too well, or maybe because I was scared that no matter what I put on here, she would have something to say about. So, without further adieu, here is my ode to you fidget!

Hunters. Yea, maybe this makes no sense because I dont think she owns these, but they remind me of her because rain boots are for little kids, and I can totally picture jenn jumping into puddles all over the Bean.

This is the dog you will have one day. He is cute and looks skeptical.

If anyone can host a killer backyard BBQ, its Jenn. Perfect setting for some food, cocktails and friends to enjoy eachother.

Black and white all over. Reminds me of Jenns old bedroom in her crazy apartment in Cambridge. This photo reminds me of her and all the out of control nights we had while she lived there. They wont ever be forgotten.

Yes, okay I may be getting ahead of myself but this whimsical little dress is exactly what I picture Jenn in one day. Maybe I am way off, but it would be so cute!

I could've put some other pics up here, perhaps of friends laughing together, growing together and empty wine bottles...but I have all of those memories from the past 10 years in my head. Good luck at your new job, I know you will absolutely kill it, and keep giving them hell! XOXO

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