Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the sun shine down

Stumbled across this post at Apartment 34 and immediately became obsessed with not only the spring lookbook, but basically every other item that this amzing line has to offer. Everything is too perfect for spring and I cannot wait to indulge in a dress or two once the weather gets warmer.

On second thought, these dreamy light filled images remind me of a Christmas gift my brother got me, the Diana F+ lomography camera. The little plastic guy sort of threw me for a loop when i first tried to load the film in, which ended with me throwing a miniature tantrum in my kitchen and chucking a roll of film onto the floor. After a few deep breaths and a steady hand, I finally managed to load the damn film and snap a few pictures of the little pup in my backyard. I have yet to actually develop the film (i am still not sure if I am taking photos or just randomly hitting buttons) but i imagine (and hope) that they come out with this sunny yet aged look to them. Yay for Diana F+!!!

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