Monday, October 18, 2010

Now we are cookin with FIRE!

Well...not yet but soon enough we will be.  We had a slight problem with our kitchen.  And when I say goes:

When we bought the house the kitchen appliances were a bit dated.  They were circa 1965 and they didnt work very well.  So, the husband and I decided it was time to get new, pretty, shiny, stainless steel appliances.  Not a huge deal, just roll out the old ones and bring in the new ones.  That plan went off without a hitch until we realized our 1965 oven was not your standard 30" inches wide, it was 26" wide.  Which means the counter top around it wasnt wide enough to fit the new oven in.  Okay, not too big a deal- we will just cut the counter tops 2 inches on each side and call it a new day.  Folks- when you are working with 40+ year old Formica, things dont tend to go that easily.  We had a contractor come in and before he ran out of the house scared, he told us this was not easy because the counters would shred apart when cut, so, not such an easy fix.  So we realized we would have to get new counters, and hey why go do it for cheap when you can get granite (cue the oooh la la's).  We picked out our granite and were told 7 days from the time of templating (meaning from the time the two huge men from Sweden come to measure your shit and then leave a mess in the kitchen).  So the husband ripped out the old oven, and worked for days ripping out the beautiful mess that was Formica all over our kitchen.  It did not look fun and I was very happy to do other house work while he pounded beers and cursed like a sailor.  Anyways, the below photos are what we have been living with now for approximately 15 days, 8 hours and 34 minutes- I am not counting or anything.  Let me remind you that since we had no oven and since the sink had to be replaced, we have been living without running water in the kitchen the entire time...and eating takeout.  It sounds like fun until you have a Bagel 3 times a day with the same toppings.

proof is in the empty beer bottle on the left..

Formica graveyard

 My what beautiful holes in the wall you have here in your deluxe kitchen...

And now introducing...the new counter tops!  Hello gorgeous Bianco Sardo...goodbye Formica FOREVER...

Holes are still there but we are taking baby steps.  The husband is going to put up a sick back splash and put the new oven in and all will look fabuloso!  

P.S- while we are on this little tour let me show you some other new duds that 1172 Broad St got hooked up with:
 The craigslist chair got decked out in a new faux shearling throw from IKEA

 And check out the amazing shots of our new headboard!  I love love love the way it came out...such a good idea that all started with the hubby finding this old door on the side of our old street! Right now it blends in too much with the walls but once those babies are painted white, this jazzy bitch will be right in the spotlight!

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