Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Help is needed

We had quite a busy weekend- traveled out to Texas with the parents and the husband to visit the brother and his girlfriend.  Ate way too much food and drank way too much...everything.  Now I am back and excited to say that the husband is putting the finishing touches on our farmhouse table.  Now I get to pick out a lamp for above the table and I am having some major anxiety over it.  Some of my favorite options are below, although I am still on the hunt for some others too if anyone has ideas...

 Above- the Sputnik.  He is my favorite and the silver would be a great balance for all natural wood in the room

 Very modern but I am afraid it will be too much white (the chairs I have yet to purchase will be white)

 I like this too...very organic and plain feeling.  Maybe I could buy two in different sizes?  

 Boring old drum pendant but this one is majorly over-sized...would easily be a focal point but again this could be too much white?
 This beauty hails from IKEA and for $89, it is a steal.  I need to make a trip to compare because my gut is telling me that this looks cheapo in person

Another VERY modern fixture that bugs me a little bit but for some reason I cant take my eyes off of it.  I wish it came in beige.

The husband told me I couldnt get a new light just yet, since the one we have works fine and since it looks like the 9 lb pup will need surgery for bladder stones (the surgery costs 3 times as much as he did).  However, this morning I noticed one of the bulbs on our current light was out, so I replaced it and low and behold, it still wont work...which means it is broken and we cannot have a broken light in our dining room unless we want to look like hobos.  So a new light is definitely on the menu!

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