Monday, October 4, 2010

Europe Review- Amsterdam!

So almost 3 weeks later I am just finally getting around to reviewing our awesomely amazing, 17 day European extravaganza trip that we took with our friends Jenn and Adam.  We visited 9 cities in 17 days and when I tell you we didnt stop moving the entire time, I mean it.  First stop on our trip was Amsterdam (well, after a 2 hour lay over in Iceland which I am not counting as an actual stop).  We arrived, and were immediately confused.  It took us about 90 minutes to make the 1/2 mile trip to our hotel because the directions told us to cross the canal and the bridge....but there are hundreds of both in Amsterdam, so we were a bit confused.  Throw in the danger element of crazy bicyclers everywhere and you have yourself a party.  4 people, 4 backpacks weighing 30+ pounds each and 4 empty stomachs.  We finally found our Hotel, plopped our stuff down and headed out to explore aka EAT and DRINK.  We found a local bar, ordered up some beers and "snack variety" and went to town.  Fried Cheese stick things, sizzlers, and 2 other snacks we were never quite sure about- it was true love.  And this is all before we visited a coffee shop and started the real party wink wink!  Overall- Amsterdam was beautiful and very clean with lots of history and lots or bridges and waterways and houseboats.  Thankfully, we found all you can eat restaurants and the red light district, so we were all set.  Below are some of my favorite shots from Amsterdam, which is located in Holland, not Denmark like the husband thought the entire time.  He also thought they spoke Swedish.  Poor husband, just cant catch a break.

Adam's favorite house.   Slightly obsessed may not even explain it...
 Oh you know, just smoking a delicious cheese stick.  Better than smoking something else psssshhh
 Our snack medley.  Amsterdam at its finest
 The happy short couple- They AMSTERDAM
 chocolate and extra-special ingredients- check.  mini coca cola classic and a smile- check
 Houseboats all over
 The husband and I.  Yes- my hand is already opening the menu.  A girl needs to eat.
 Random shot of buildings.  Check out the dude in lower left dude run!
 Waterways lit up at night.  So beautiful.

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