Monday, October 18, 2010

Berlin- photo tour!

So much for one city per day!  I have been so lazy lately with this blog...sorry to all my fans out there (all 10 of you that is). Below is a little photo tour of Berlin.  Its much easier than doing a commentary on 2.5 days- but I'll still make some comments here and there....

 Our first night in Berlin- we stayed at the Hostel bar and drank them out of beer...things got a bit crazy late night (cue the drunk man falling and taking out a table and 4 chairs while Jenn looked on)

 If I was a better tourist I would know what this is called.  Its the entrance into an important square where the Hotel Adalon is...

 Holocaust Memorial.  Very very cool.

 J & A...who would guess they know each other?

 The husband inside the Holocaust Memorial.

 A section of the Berlin wall

 Again- I have no idea what this is because the tour guide talked too much and I didnt want to listen

 Oh fancy seeing me here!

 Gorgeous Architecture.  We tried to go in but were too cheap to buy tickets, so we just stared from outside

 Check it...just me taking a little run in my army gear and my small peanut head.

 Largest bread on the planet...or in Berlin

 Sections of the East Side Gallery (all the below are the same)

 Read it...small people doing BIG things!

View from the riverfront  by the East Side Gallery.  Best napping spot of the trip!

Overall- Berlin was a very very cool city.  Cold and rainy though- which sort of put a damper on our two days there.  But, the beer was great and the Currywurst- even better.  Who knew I would fall in love with small pieces of sauseege in a grimy looking red sauce?  We took a free tour of the city and learned so much it made our heads hurt and we had to get more beer.  It was pretty insane seeing the Berlin Wall though and thinking that we were alive when this came down and East and West Berlin were reunited.  Berlin's history is truly astounding and I think it made us all realize how little we really know about the struggles that the rest of the world has faced.  All in all- I give Berlin a 6 out of 10.  We didnt get quasi- arrested (no no, that was the next day in Prague) but we did see a ton of sights and learn a lot.

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