Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stupid or Cute- you decide

Meet Barkley.  Our 4 yr old Pomeranian who is quite possibly the most energetic dog I have ever seen.  He loves to be the center of attention and naturally people love him, probably because he looks like part Ewok/part bat/ part old man.  Here is Barkley in all his glory before:

Total fur-ball.  I kid you not, there are tumbleweeds that fly by my face every night as I am trying to relax.  The damn dog sheds more than any cat.  Special shout out to his breeders for telling us "oh he doesn't shed and oh, he has hair, not fur."  Jerks.

Anyway, the amount of fur I was cleaning up on a daily basis was becoming ridiculous, so I made little pup pup an appointment with the groomer.  A few days later, I sent the Husband and pup pup on their way and instructed the husband to "have her give him a buzz cut".  A few hours later, they both arrived on my front door step, looking extremely nervous and embarrassed.

I present you Barkley- the awkward pup.  He looks like he is on display at the zoo.  What an asshole.

Ohhhh...hello there.  I have a huge head and a tiny body that closely resembles the cat from Austin Powers. If you need to find me, just look under my parents bed and you will see my legs sticking out from one side.  Because that's what I do, I hang under the bed

I can say that the tumbleweed sightings have stopped and I no longer have to vacuum fur every day.  In other news, Barkley loves his new found aerodynamic body and loves to show off all his sick moves.  So really, it was a win for everyone involved. 

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