Sunday, August 1, 2010

On a mission...

A Mod Mission that is!  Earlier in the summer I read an article about some great little vintage stores a few towns over in Bogota NJ. Naturally I ripped out the article, stuck it in my purse and forgot about it. That is, until my parents came to visit a few weeks ago.  My mom and I decided to head on over and check out the deets.  The stores were okay...but nothing caught my eye until....

...Yesterday!  The husband was in an ADD-type mood and wanted to see the stores, "I want to see the stores" he kept shouting (not really, but in my head its funnier if it went down this way).  So off we went, back to Bogota.  We walked into and back out of 5 stores before, low and behold, the husband spotted the mother load:

Yes, that's right.  A skull- with horns, and a rather creepy bullet hole directly in between where this little f*cker's eyes were.  Guess  they got him good- even his teeth are intact.  I have been scouring design sites for a skull like this since April and havent come across anything less than $200.  The price for this badboy?  $75.  Say it with me folks T-H-R-I-F-T-Y.  So we hopped in the car, sped over to the ATM and talked about how we would "haggle" this woman down to a price of $60.  The husband told me that if I went to the ATM, he would do the haggling.  Clearly, he is the lazy one in our marriage.  So we get back, and I am all excited, waiting to see my salesman of a husband haggle this old bat down to $60 for a sick bull skull.  The conversation went like this:

The husband " Whats the price for this again?"
Old Bat: "$75"
The husband " Oh, okay.  Heres your $75 dollars and would you perhaps like to take our first born child as well?  We really like this skull."

I stood there, astonished, as no haggling went down.  So disappointed, I was hoping to see some real wheelin and dealin.

Anyhoo- the skull immediately found its home, replacing the resin deer head from Z Gallerie.  No no, dont be alarmed; the deer head is being re-located to a more "cozy" space, up in our newly renovated office.  Not as much foot traffic, but the deer wont know the difference.

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