Monday, August 23, 2010

Almost to 200 and other ramblings

It seems like just yesterday that I started this little bloggity blog after much urging from the husband and others.  I cannot believe I am almost at 200 posts- sort of...weird.

Anyways so we are finally off for our Europe trip in 6 days.  I cannot even wait.  Each day that passes gets me more stressed out and anxious about all the amazing things we are going to experience and the fun people we will meet.  I wonder if the pup will remember who we are after we dump him at his grandparents house in MA for 4 weeks.  They say dogs only understand that you are gone, but they dont understand how long you are I am sure the little pup pup will run over when we return and greet us by peeing on our feet.  Typical day in "my dog is an asshole" land.

So this past week has been crazy.  I spent 2.5 long days out in California for work and somehow managed to drink more wine/beer/vodka/other random liquor than I did sleep.  Our first day in CA brought us good food and cocktails and some rowdy late night swearing (talking) in the hotel bar, where our second day there brought on 4 glasses of red wine with lunch followed by a quick trip on the cable cars down to Pier 39.  The last thing I remember is my coworker, Jenna, shouting "whatssss upp motha fucka" at the Fedex truck driver who nearly pancaked us into the side of the cable car.  Oh, and then we found a place that served "beers to go" and naturally we took our Bud Lights wrapped in a paper bag and our pride right back to the hotel and then on to our meeting (who has a business meeting at 7pm at night anyway)?  After the meeting we got to the airport for my first ever red-eye flight home.  Bad idea.  We consumed another 3 glasses of wine each while listening to the man on my right telling his baby momma that "he would be home soon" and watching the disgusting woman to our left (orangutang) polish off an orange in 14 seconds flat.  Im telling you- the place to be at 11pm is the San Francisco Airport Continental terminal bar.

 So- we board the flight and immediately are involved in some sort of altercation with the man in my row.  The attendant is screaming at him because his seat back is not in the upright and locked position and he is screaming at her because his f'ing chair is broken.  Oh good- just the right way to start a 6 hour overnight flight to NJ.  Really- this cant get any better. I fall asleep and wake up as we are approaching Newark airport.  Like I said, it cant get any better because I can smell Jersey from 30,000 feet. 

So i get home around 9am and sleep my ass off until 4pm and completely miss a whole day of work.  I feel like i have been beaten by Hulk Hogan, or maybe David Hasselhoff.  Listen people, dont hassel the hoff.

But I somehow make it through a tough weekend of sleeping, eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, sleeping, napping and revive myself a little bit for this last week of work before the big vaca.  I am pumped.  Bags are half packed and my plane tickets are corrected (yes, i booked them with the wrong last name and had to pay a fee to change them, awesome).  I cannot wait to land in Amsterdam, plunk my bags down in our hotel and hit up the first "coffee shop" I see.  In case any of you forgot (or if any of you care), here is a list of the cities we will be visiting:

Berlin, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Interlaken, Switzerland

Pretty much a wine drinkers dream come true...thankfully, we have a group of wine drinkers.  I plan on being in a gelato induced coma for at least 10 days of the trip and a pasta induced coma for the other 7 days.  Life is good people, life is friggin good.

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  1. So jealous...You guys are going to have a blast!!! Hope you have some MAJACKAL moments and don't be too WHACK. xoxox