Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farmhouse style

After 4 days of rain and cold, the sun has finally come out in Bloomfield NJ.  Lucky for me, I am trapped inside the house, working feverishly to get all these work projects done that have been hanging over my heads for weeks.  I was up until 1130pm working last night (during which time I also watched Deep Blue on TV and drafted a pretty sick fantasy football team).  All I really want to do is go sit outside and get some sun, but instead my ass is plopped at the dining table (apparently this is my new office) staring at my laptop. 

Speaking of dining room tables (I wasn't, but I am now), for the last few weeks I have been stalking craigslist, etsy, flea markets and the goodwill stores in the area for a quality farmhouse style table.  So far all I have found out is that the table I want, is going to cost somewhere in the range of $700 to $1000 dollars, not including chairs.  Last night at exactly 1:02 am I gently asked the husband if he could make us one- you know, find some salvaged pine, stick it on top of iron legs and voila! our very own farmhouse table.  He mumbled something which I took as a "yes, of course darling" and went to sleep.  But I am not stupid and I know that this will not happen, not in this world and definitely not before my deadline of the week before Thanksgiving.

While I am away maybe one of my dear neighbors will decide that they would like to donate their farmhouse table and mis-matched chairs to me?  That would be lovely.  I will leave you with some of my favorite tables and some other pretty photos- enjoy!

Oh snap...look what I just found- the plans for how to build the West Elm Farmhouse table (shown above). Make Your Own by following the easy step by step directions!  Sold for $50!!  And now I just need to find some ghost chairs, like the ones seen HERE.  My day just got so much better!

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