Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Party til the deer comes to visit...?

The husband and I hosted our first party at our new home over Memorial Day Weekend.  You know, the (4th) annual Jersey Trash Bash.  We had about 50 people come throughout the day and to say it was overwhelming doesnt even begin to cover the way I felt- but we kept our cool and after a few cocktails (err vodka soaked with pineapples) all the pressure disappeared.  We partied from 11am long into the night, when a random deer (hi we live on a pretty busy road in a very residential area so where this deer, well doe, came from really is beyond me) popped by to say hello to the 20 or so people who were still in the backyard.
First picture- my ninja father doing the "cheeseball challenge".  The man fit 37 cheeseballs in his mouth and recieved cheers from the crowd that had gathered.  Ahh  this brings me back to my childhood, when all my uncles would get drunk and battle for the cheeseball challenge crown.

Second- just a crowd shot of some of our friends and our backyard.  Including McKenna, the first baby to attend the bash!

Third- me and the mom dukes taking a self portrait.  You cant have a party without a self portrait.

Fourth- Jenny P and I, right after she ripped open the pineapple/vodka infusion jar

Fifth- 25 people playing flip cup.  Things always start to get slurred after flip cup.

Sixth-Stark, Colby and Alicia.  Stark made the trek for the 3rd straight year all the way from Manhattan (really its just a bus ride) and the other two are first timers.

Seventh-The wonderful hosts.

The last two photos are actually from the next night- let me preface these photos by saying that my mother talked my father and Johns sisters boyfriend Ethan into painting their faces black with ash and walking to the park nearby to set off fireworks (so illegal). First you see Ethan in all his glory, he wears his sunglasses at night- with drink in one hand and fireworks in the other. And yes next up is my father, doing some type of army training crawl through the bushes (note the bushes are righttt around 2 feet wide) while my mother looks on so proudly. I can only imagine what people driving by/our neighbors thought of us as we paraded, 8 deep, down the street and to the park.   We came, we set off fireworks, we ran home through the neighbors yard as police sirens went off.

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