Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitchen Makeover Part I

I'm actually painfully embarrassed to be showing these photos online as our kitchen was completely hideous when we moved into our house.  It was straight out of 1956, as in nothing had been moved, painted, updated since 1956.  I kid you not, the original appliances (GE) are still here and yes, they are still ticking.  We knew when we moved in that the kitchen would be one of the first things to get a makeover.  We also knew that the average kitchen remodel costs anywhere in the ballpark of 30K or more, so this would just be a quick fix for the time being, something that wouldnt make us sick every time we walked in the room.  The photos below are from the day we moved in.  Stocking the shelves with all our stuff, and of course my mom in all her glory helping with the process. Note the ridiculous light fixture hanging 2 inches above her head.  Did midgets live here before us?  Oh and our liquor cabinet, I know your jealous, I would be too but I swear we aren't alcoholics.  And theres the husband, sitting on the awesome linoleum floor. It was so stained with dirt and filth that i couldnt be caught within 5 feet of it with no shoes on.  I somehow managed to forget to take a photo of the best part of the kitchen, the pink Formica counter-tops.  VERY trendy circa 1960. 

So we set out an action plan for how to fix our little kitchen with lots of visits to Home Depot and lots of searching online for inexpensive yet durable solutions to cover up this eye sore.  It took almost 3 weeks and alot of sweat and hard work, but we can say that the kitchen is done, at least for now.  And I actually feel happy when I am in there, which of course makes it all worth it. 

The results are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Check  back tomorrow for an update and the finished product!

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