Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fan Decor

I have this issue with becoming obsessed with certain things I see.  For instance, I bought a tiny vintage bronze colored alarm clock for my nightstand a few months back, and now every time I see anything remotely similar, I have to pry myself away before I buy it and get yelled at for "having too many clocks".  I like to think that vintage alarm clocks could be a pretty cool piece to living room decor though and have this dream of lining up the top of our sideboard with so many clocks that I could set one for every time zone.  You never know when a guest will need to know what time it is in Japan...or so I like to think. I digress.  Anyways, after the ridiculous amount of hot and humid weather we have had in NJ lately, I decided I needed to buy a fan and fast (no we dont have central AC and yes I am jealous of anyone who does have it).  So I stopped in at Target the other night and picked myself up a nice stainless steel Hunter fan.   Industrial, yet efficient, and small enough to be carried up and down the stairs by me.  

Above, my Hunter fan.  So I brought her home and set her up downstairs and immediately decided that I should have bought maybe one or two more fans, because they do serve a purpose after all.  Here are some beauties that I would not be able to pass up if I saw them in person....I think a bay window full of fans would be an exciting focal point for my living room.

Awesome.  I love these, especially the dangerous vintage ones with no protective covering.  A quick finger slip and your new nickname is stub.  Anyways, I think these retro fans would be the perfect decor for any room in the house, so I got to searching and voila!

Somebody has already been there done that.  Vintage fan, large metal number, small porcelain birds- yes please.

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